Monday, 29th May 2023

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“Let’s hit it once” during a drinking mukbang by a female YouTuber… Drunken Sexual Harassment Live Streaming

Controversy is brewing after a female YouTuber was sexually harassed by a male drunkard while she was broadcasting live while drinking makgeolli outdoors.

On the 19th, some scenes of a video titled “Have you seen this situation while drinking Jat Makgeolli” uploaded on the YouTube channel “Male Kim” with 30,000 subscribers drew attention in various online communities on the 19th메이저놀이터.

According to the video, YouTuber Male Kim, who was eating makgeolli and pancakes at an outdoor table in a bar in Dong-gu, Daegu at the time, said, “I was a little drunk,” and a drunken visitor approached and started talking. Malele Kim tried to send the drunk man away by saying, “Goodbye,” but he patted Malele Kim and asked, “Shall we have a cup of makgeolli?”

When Malele Kim got up from her seat, put on her coat, and prepared to leave, the drunkard made a sound of clinking her palms and said, “Hey, let’s hit it once.” Marle Kim hurriedly cleared his place and left, saying, “It’s really crazy. (Drunk) I can’t even go to the bathroom, so I urinate in the open. I can’t even go to my own body,” he said, revealing his displeasure.

Viewers who watched the live broadcast in real time said, ‘Report to the police,’ but Malele Kim said, “I’m going home. I don’t want to get involved If I report it, shouldn’t I go to the police station too? That man won’t even remember (what he did), so it’s embarrassing for me to go to the police and explain.”

A female YouTuber is sexually harassed by a drunken customer on the street during a drinking show. Captured from YouTube channel ‘Male Kim’

However, at the end of the video, “After watching the broadcast, I regretted avoiding the situation without reporting it. I won’t be able to stop drinking outside in the future, but from now on, I’ll be more careful and report it if necessary.”

Eventually, on the 9th, after the incident, Malee Kim reported that she had filed a complaint with the police on charges of forcibly molesting and insulting a male drunk. He said in a comment, “Sue was a better choice than calling 112 right away at the time.”

In the video uploaded on the 11th, Gamale said, “I went to the complaint office of the police station, and after watching my video, I was told the department in charge, so I went there. He was consulted by the police and filed a complaint,” he said. “As we think, there is no crime of sexual harassment. I have filed a complaint on charges of forcible harassment and insult. It seems that he will go and be investigated sooner or later,” he added.

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