Monday, 29th May 2023

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Lee Jae-myung, at a rally against the discharge of contaminated water, “Japan’s money is wasted, but the president agrees”

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, attended a rally held in downtown Seoul on the 20th to oppose the release of nuclear-contaminated water from Fukushima, Japan, and said, “The Japanese government is a waste of money, whether neighboring countries suffer damage or not, whether or not the world’s oceans are polluted (contaminated water). It would be fine to throw it away, but isn’t there any reason for the president and government of the Republic of Korea to agree with it?”

CEO Lee made this announcement at the National Day of Action to Stop Marine Dumping of Radioactive Contaminated Water, which was held on the road in front of the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the same day.

Representative Lee said, “Even if the British experts say that it is okay to drink 10 liters of (contaminated water) every day instead of 1 liter메이저사이트, the Japanese government itself is useless and dangerous and throws it into the sea.” , Calling people who say it’s okay to drink water and having a nonsense party throws away the responsibility of the president and the government to protect the lives and safety of the people,” he criticized.

At the ‘Horror Ghost Story and Fukushima’ meeting held the day before by People’s Power, Weded Allison, professor emeritus at Oxford University in the UK, said, “You can drink even 10 liters of contaminated water instead of 1 liter,” which caused controversy.

Wade Allison, professor emeritus at Oxford University, is giving a lecture on the theme of ‘Radioactive Horror Horror and Fukushima’ at the TF invitation meeting to verify the power of the people held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 19th . Reporter Yoon Chang-won

At the rally, Justice Party lawmaker Kang Eun-mi also took the floor and said, “Japan’s (polluted water) illegal dumping will bring fatal collapse not only to our people but also to the lives of all mankind, the fishery, food industry, and the local economy.” I think it’s like being an accomplice in a crime,” he said.

Progressive Party President Yoon Hee-sook warned, “The nuclear-contaminated water issue is neither a matter of the opposition parties nor a camp issue.”

“Japan’s Joint Action to Stop Radioactive Water Dumping at Sea,” which hosted the rally, said in a statement, “Since the discharge of contaminated water has been going on for at least 30 years and once it goes out to sea, it is impossible to recover it, it will affect not only the present generation but also future generations. He pointed out that “the safety of Fukushima contaminated water has not been properly confirmed.”

“Although 12 years have passed since the (Fukushima nuclear power plant) accident, radioactive cesium has been continuously detected in Japanese agricultural and livestock products, and the frequency of detection is increasing,” he said. no,” he stressed.

Then, to the Yoon Seok-yeol government, “Why is the Japanese government not responding to the Japanese government for violating the obligation to preserve the marine ecosystem stipulated by international laws such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea?”

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