Saturday, 25th March 2023

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Lee Dae-sung can’t run 40 minutes

The 3rd quarter of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball match between Daegu Korea Gas Corporation and Wonju DB at Wonju Sports Complex on the 26th. KOGAS coach Yoo Do-hoon called Lee Dae-seong to the bench with 1 minute and 29 seconds left in the third quarter, with the team trailing by two points, 49-51. I gave a break for a while for the 4th quarter, which will be the match.

The gas corporation, which had a persistent muddy game with DB, collapsed. Right after Lee Dae-sung went to the bench, two consecutive pass misses occurred, and DB connected with a quick break score. Subsequently, Jeon Hyeon-woo and Sam Joseph Bellangel attempted two shots, both of which failed to score. In the meantime, DB accumulated points again. For 1 minute and 29 seconds, while KOGAS failed to score a single point in its 4 attacks, DB finished the 3rd quarter by scoring 6 points and running away 57-49. 

Coach Yoo Do-hoon hurriedly reintroduced Lee Dae-seong at the start of the 4th quarter, aiming for a turnaround, but the flow had already passed to the DB, and the exhausted Lee Dae-seong could not add a single point, widening the gap. Jeong Hyo-geun, who was put in at the end of the 4th quarter, changed the flow for a while by scoring 8 points, including two 3-pointers, but that was it. 메이저놀이터

Contrary to coach Yoo Do-hoon’s intention to see the game in the 4th quarter, 1 minute and 29 seconds of Lee Dae-sung’s absence from the court marked the end of the game.

Gas Corporation did the same in the match against Jeonju KCC two days ago (24th). With 1 minute and 48 seconds left at the end of the 3rd quarter with a lead of 56-43, Lee Dae-seong fell to the bench due to a foul trouble. I had to play the ga

Lee Dae-sung cannot play all 40 minutes. Shooting more than 15 shots per game with a fractured wrist also has limits. Support fire is essential. The fact that Jeong Hyo-geun, who had been sluggish so far, scored 8 points in a short time was a welcome part for KOGAS, which had to continue the forced march.

KOGAS, which lacked offensive options, became the second team to lose 20 (13 wins) among 10 clubs, and its win rate fell to the 30% range (0.394). The playoffs are getting farther and farther away.

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