Sunday, 28th May 2023

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KT coach Seo Dong-chul, who says he is disappointed with the team, why?

 Head coach Seo Dong-chul felt sorry for the team.

Suwon KT lost 77-89 in the 3rd round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Jeonju KCC held at the Jeonju Gymnasium on the 20th. KT was unable to get out of 10th place with 7 wins and 15 losses, and the ride with 9th place Wonju DB took two games.

KT was unable to block Laguna from the first quarter, and the gap widened. Only Laguna gave 16 points in the first quarter. New foreign player Lester Prosper actively participated in the attack by scoring 8 points in the first quarter, but could not overcome Laguna’s wall. In the 2nd quarter, KT succeeded in turning 32-31 with Prosper and Lee Doo-won scoring under the goal, but KCC took the lead again due to the inside and outside offensive. In KT, Prosper continued to score in the second half, but could not overturn the gap that opened in the third quarter. 토토사이트

After the game, coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “It felt like riding a roller coaster. It was good, but it collapsed. Mistakes are pointed out to the players but not corrected. This part feels sad. I am very sorry to the fans.”

1 minute 44 seconds before the end of the third quarter, Yang Hong-seok received a steal from Ha Yoon-ki and attempted a layup. However, it failed, and after that the mood passed to KCC.

Regarding this, director Seo Dong-cheol said, “I think it was at that time when I was riding a roller coaster and fell rapidly. I think I played basketball that I should never have done.