Wednesday, 29th March 2023

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‘Korea’s strongest’ NH Nonghyup Bank women’s tennis team moves to Daejeon

NH Nonghyup Bank Sports Team’s tennis team, the strongest tennis women’s team in Korea, is relocating from Chungnam to Daejeon.

The Daejeon Sports Association and NH Nonghyup Bank announced on the 13th that they had reached a final agreement to relocate the women’s tennis team to Daejeon from next year.

After confirming the fact that the reason for the transfer of the connection occurred due to the establishment of the women’s tennis team in the Chungnam Provincial Office, the body sports association and the NH Nonghyup Bank’s Daejeon Regional Headquarters achieved this result through a close negotiation process. Ulsan and Jeonnam also participated in the competition to attract the ointment.

The point of transfer of ointment is January 1 next year, and the ointment agreement ceremony will be held at the Daejeon City Sports Association in early February next year. 토토사이트

An official from the Sports Association said, “With the relocation of the NH Nonghyup Bank women’s tennis team, we have established a virtuous cycle system in the student department, along with the existing male unemployment powerhouse Industrial Bank team, to foster linkages between the university department and the general department.” It will be of great help,” he said.

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