Sunday, 28th May 2023

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‘Korea’s Nervous Wait’ Selected as One of the Top 10 World Cup Scenes in Qatar

The scene of the Korean national soccer team waiting for the result of the Uruguay-Ghana match in the same group after winning a dramatic 2-1 come-from-behind victory against Portugal in the final third match of the group stage was ‘Top 10 Impressive Scenes of the World Cup in Qatar’ included in

On the 18th, Reuters selected 10 memorable scenes from the World Cup in Qatar and posted the second picture of Korean players watching the game between Uruguay and Ghana on their mobile phones after the Portuguese match. Reuters reported with the headline, “Korea’s nervous wait,” “Korean players tightly gathered in the center circle hoped that Uruguay would not score an extra goal and spent time staring at their mobile phones.” If Uruguay, who was leading 2-0 at the time, scored one more goal, Korea would be eliminated from the group stage by being pushed out of the goal difference. Regarding the wait at this time, national team captain Son Heung-min (30) said, “It was the longest 6 minutes in my life.”

Reuters introduced Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 defeat of Argentina in the group stage first among the top 10. Japan’s 2-1 defeat of ‘Tank Corps’ Germany in the group stage was also included for the sixth time. ‘God of soccer’ Lionel Messi (35, Argentina) broke through with a fantastic dribble from near the center line to the front of the opponent’s goal line in the second half of the semifinal against Croatia, and helped the team’s third goal was ranked third among the top 10. . 토토사이트