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Ko Gun-taek, challenges to tie for most wins at KPGA… Aiming for 4th win at Bizplay Electronic Newspaper Open

 Ko Gun-taek (24, Daebo Engineering & Construction), who is having the best year in the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour, is challenging for the most wins of the season. Considering Go Gun-taek’s momentum this season, it is worth looking forward to.

Go Gun-taek will participate in the Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open (total prize money of 700 million won), which will be held at the Cosmos Lynx (par 72, 7,407 yards) in Yeongyang, Jeollanam-do from the 14th to the 17th.

If Ko Gun-taek reaches the top of this competition, he will achieve his fourth win this season and tie Choi Sang-ho for the most wins of the season. Previously, Choi Sang-ho recorded four wins starting in 1985, in 1986, 1991, and 1992.

Since Choi Sang-ho, no one has achieved 4 wins in a season, and Go Gun-taek is attempting the record for the first time in 31 years.

In fact, not many people expected Go Gun-taek to perform like this this season. Go Gun-taek joined the KPGA in 2018, but has not won a championship in the past four years. Third place in 2021 was the best result and was far from the championship.

However, this year it shows a completely different appearance. He won his first win at the DB Insurance Promy Open, the opening match of this season.

Then, last July, he took the top spot at the Honors K‧Solago CC Han Changsang Invitational, becoming the first KPGA winner this season.

And he even won the Shinhan Donghae Open held last week, becoming the first winner in five years since Park Sang-hyun in 2018 with three wins in the season.토토사이트

In particular, Go Gun-taek left an even stronger impression by lifting the championship trophy at the end of the Shinhan Donghae Open, a match that went to overtime.

Ko Gun-taek, who has been on the rise, is now aiming for his fourth win of the season along with winning the Bizplay Electronic Newspaper Open for two weeks in a row. Go Gun-taek is also resolute ahead of this tournament, saying, “Three wins is an honor, but my goal has been raised. I will do my best to aim for four or more wins and the Genesis Grand Prize.”

In order for Go Gun-taek to achieve his fourth win, he needs greater concentration and shot accuracy than any other competition. Cosmos Lynx, where the competition is held, has a total of 365 bunkers. It is a highly difficult course where you can easily lose a stroke if you make a mistake.

To achieve a record, Go Gun-taek conquered the course and defeated last year’s winner Choi Jin-ho (39, Cowell), first place in prize money rankings Han Seung-soo (Canada), Genesis points second place Lee Jae-kyung (25, CJ), and Hangzhou Asian Games representative Jo Woo-young (22, Woori Finance). Group) must also overcome strong competitors.

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