Saturday, 30th September 2023

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KLPGA Tour ‘Rookie’ Kim Min-byeol… Leading Wemix Point

KLPGA Tour ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Min-byeol maintained the Wemix points lead.

Wemix points are calculated based on the official records of KLPGA tour events. The ranking is determined by adding the points earned in all three points메이저사이트.
‘Grand Prize Points’ awarded from 1st to 10th place in the tournament final score ‘Batting Points Allotment’ converted by the number of strokes for each hole in the final round of the finals counted as ‘points’.

As of the 9th, Kim Min-byeol recorded a total of 1515 points and took the lead. Kim Min-byul has been on the national team, being called the strongest amateur, winning a total of 20 championships at his youth level. He passed through fierce competition in the KLPGA Tour seed match last year and passed the top spot, and is considered a strong candidate for the rookie of the year this season.

After warming up with a tie for 30th at the PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship, her official debut on the KLPGA tour, Kim Min-byeol finished sixth at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, the opening game in Korea last month.

Afterwards, he ranked 3rd in the Mediheal Hankook Ilbo Championship and 5th in the Nexen Saint Nine Masters, making it to the top 10 in three consecutive tournaments. Consistently obtaining additional points in the top 10 is the secret to running at the top of Wemix points.

In addition, Kim Min-byeol is showing the most outstanding performance among his rookies this season, ranking first in the rookie award points.

Following Kim Min-byeol, Jeon Ye-seong, Lee Da-yeon, Kim Su-ji, and Park Hyun-kyung formed the top 5 of the Wemix point ranking. The score difference between the top ranks is less than 100 points. Therefore, starting from the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, which will be held from the 11th, fierce competition for rankings is expected to unfold.

A total of 500,000 Wemix (WEMIX cryptocurrency) prize money will be paid differentially for the 1st to 60th places in the final ranking of Wemix Points. 1st place receives 90,000 WEMIX.

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