Monday, 29th May 2023

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Kim Nam-guk, the priest of the Priests’ Association for the Realization of Justice…”Shouldn’t progress make money!”

 On the 14th, Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who was embroiled in the ‘coin investment suspicion controversy’, announced his withdrawal from the Democratic Party, saying, “As an independent lawmaker, I will fight unfair political attacks to the end and uncover the truth.” “Anyone who has no desire should throw a stone at Congressman Kim,” he said, defending Congressman Kim.

Father Ji said on his Facebook page on the 14th, “In addition to the constitution, criminal law, civil law, and commercial law, there is a strange law called the National Sentiment Act in operation in our country. These days, most of the laws are created by the media.”

He said, “Kim Nam-guk did not break the law,” and “I just invested with my own money, and he is known as a thrifty person. By weaving this back into the frame of the youth issue and hypocrisy, we are trying to recover the negative public opinion of the humiliating diplomacy against Japan, starting with the case of Rep. Tae Young-ho related to the presidential office nomination.”

Father Ji continued, “Just in time토스카지노, Kim Han-gyu, a handsome former Kim & Chang, proposes a virtual asset reporting bill. It’s strange,” he added, adding, “I doubt whether someone is looking for a gap and interfering with each other for the sake of division, or whether Kim Han-gyu was an X-Man hiding in the left of the Blue House’s parent gate.”

Father Ji said, “Anyone who has no desire, throw a stone at Congressman Kim.” Shouldn’t progressives make money?” he defended Congressman Kim.

At the same time, Father Ji said, “Rep. Kim, please do your best,” and “fight until the end for the reform of the Democratic Party. He cheered for Congressman Kim, saying, “He will survive only when he is determined to die and fights.”

Meanwhile, on the 17th, the Democratic Party of Korea filed a complaint against Rep. Kim Nam-guk to the Special Committee on Ethics of the National Assembly. The Democratic Party submitted a disciplinary measure to Congressman Kim in the afternoon of the same day in the names of 20 members of the party, including Song Ki-heon, the floor leader of the Democratic Party.

The reason for the disciplinary action specified in the disciplinary action is a violation of the obligation to maintain dignity, duty of sincerity, and integrity according to the National Assembly Act, the Code of Ethics for Members of the National Assembly, and the Code of Ethical Practice for Members of the National Assembly. It is said that the policy to file a complaint with Congressman Kim was suddenly decided at the direction of CEO Lee Jae-myung at a closed leadership meeting held at the National Assembly this morning.

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