Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Kim Min-jae’s biggest competitor for ‘Defender of the Year’ is inside

Kim Min-jae has to compete with Giovanni Di Lorenzo to be selected as the defender of the year.

Napoli drew 1-1 with Udinese in the 33rd round of Italian Serie A in the 2022-23 season held at Stadio Friuli in Udinese, Italy at 3:45 am (Korean time) on the 5th. With one point, Napoli secured the league title early as a result of this match.

The early win is confirmed. Napoli took the lead in the winning race early, accumulating points with great momentum from the beginning of the season. As the season progressed, attention turned to whether Napoli could secure the title with a크크크벳 few games left. Napoli could have secured the title in the last round, but failed, and this time they did not. With this, Napoli reached the top of Serie A 33 years after the 1989-90 season.

The performance of the players was great. From Victor Osimen to Hvica Kvarachhelia, Jambo Anguisa, Piotr Zielinski, Stanislav Lobotka, and Mario Hui, all Napoli members performed outstandingly. Giovanni Simeone and Giacomo Raspadori, who played most of the matches as substitutes, should not be left out

There is a player that cannot be left out when talking about contribution. This is Kim Min-jae. In his first season with Napoli, Kim Min-jae became the core of the team and played a key role in winning the league. Equipped with high defensive intelligence, build-up ability, and progressiveness as well as a physical that never gets pushed in a one-on-one situation with an opponent, Kim Min-jae clearly showed why he is called a ‘monster center back’.

It was a league-best performance. Throughout the season, Kim Min-jae received rave reviews from local experts and Italian legends. As much as the league championship has been confirmed, what Minjae Kim is aiming for now is his personal award. Kim Min-jae announced in March that his goal was to be selected as the best eleven of the season.

If he just looks at his performance, he deserves a shot at the defender of the year. The problem is that the main competitor is Napoli captain and teammate Di Lorenzo. Di Lorenzo, like Kim Min-jae, played excellently throughout the season and helped Napoli win the championship. In addition, Di Lorenzo showed the aspect of the ‘Steel King’ by digesting a total of 2,959 minutes this season. This is the record for the 6th place in this category. Also, as long as Di Lorenzo is the captain of Napoli, there is a possibility that Di Lorenzo’s contribution will be higher than Kim Min-jae’s if you put it on the same line.


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