Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Kim Byeong-ho, Han Ji-seung revived with 20 high runs. Seo Hyun-min and Eom Sang-pil are still at a crossroads – PBA Q School Final R

Kim Byung-ho survived. However, Seo Hyun-min메이저사이트 is still at a crossroads.

Kim Byeong-ho, captain of Team League Hana Card and former champion, succeeded in remaining in the first division by defeating Soon-jae Yoon and others in the first round of the first round of the ‘2023 PBA Tour Q-School’ held at the PBC Carom Club in Goyang on the 9th.

Kim Byeong-ho, who was demoted from the first division with 83rd place in the season, finished in 3rd place, well over the cutoff line given to 10th place.

Welcome Savings Bank’s young gun Han Ji-seung, who was extremely poor at 108th place in the season, took first place by defeating Kwon Ki-young and others, and continued to play in the first division tour. Han Ji-seung scored 20 high runs.

However, Seo Hyun-min, the 2021 champion, stays in 32nd place and is in a hurry to revive. To remain in the first division, you need to finish in 30th place out of 63 players.

Um Sang-pil and TS Shampoo Kim Nam-soo, who led Blue1 to the championship , marked the 16th and 23rd places, and should also accumulate multipliers on the 2nd and 3rd days.

Meanwhile, Park Jung-min and Hwang Hyung-beom from the Dream Tour succeeded in entering the 1st division with consecutive victories on the first day, and Seo Sam-il, who had a history of advancing to the finals of the 1st division tour, climbed to 5th place and passed the first division gate.

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