Saturday, 30th September 2023

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‘Kabaddi’, an unfamiliar name… Woo Hee-jun’s determination to take off his special forces uniform and wear the Taegeuk symbol.

It’s like playing hide and seek, but it’s an official Asian Games event. Even the name is unfamiliar, ‘Kabaddi’.

Reporter Choi Jong-hyuk met the athlete who took off his special forces uniform and wore the Taegeuk symbol to compete in next month’s Asian Games.


Go over to the opposing camp and hit it with your hand or foot. If you touch and return, you get a point and the touched player is out.

Defense is about avoiding touches while preventing opponents from turning.

The methods are tag and dodge ball, and the speed and intensity are kabaddi, which resemble martial arts.

In the last Asian Games, our men’s team won the silver medal by defeating the host nation, India, but Woo Hee-jun of the women’s team, who missed out on the bronze medal at the time, returned to the military, but said he did not give up his love for kabaddi.

When I was a candidate for school district officer, the Miss Korea contest that I was pushed to challenge.

However, I accepted it as an opportunity to promote an unfamiliar sport, and

[Woo Hee-jun/National Kabaddi Representative: My juniors jokingly told me that I was tall and had long arms and legs, so they filled out the application form (Miss Korea), captured a photo of me, and sent it to me. At first, I got angry and was busy looking for ‘who is it’… I thought that saying one word as a kabaddi player would greatly promote kabaddi, our unpopular sport… ]

It was the same even after enlistment.먹튀검증

[Woo Hee-jun/National Kabaddi Representative: While working as a platoon leader in a reconnaissance company, I taught kabaddi to the platoon members, and also promoted kabaddi as a combat fitness event… ]

Even while deployed overseas, I could not let go of my regrets.

[Woo Hee-jun/Kabaddi National Team: I have experience winning gold medals or first place in the Asian Championships and other competitions, but as a player, I feel very disappointed about not having a medal in the biggest competition… ]

In the end, I was discharged from the military last June and joined the national team after going through the selection process.

Since it is a sport where you hit and hit each other, you may not notice it during the game, but there are many cases where you end up with bruises or bleeding from chafing.

The Kabaddi national team has been training in the old training center gym as there is no training facility at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village.

The time to prove your presence is approaching.

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