Saturday, 25th March 2023

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[JB Preview] The 5th S-DERBY, SK’s strength continues?

[Jump Ball = Reporter Seo Ho-min] Seoul SK succeeded in reversing the atmosphere. SK won 97-84 against KT in Suwon on the 14th and got out of a losing streak. Season record 24 wins 17 losses. The chances of winning two consecutive regular league titles have decreased, but it is still worth aiming for the second place. Samsung, which invites SK to its home, is aiming for a second consecutive win in 59 days with the returning Willis and Lee Jung-hyun at the fore.바카라사이트

▶Seoul Samsung (12-38) vs Seoul SK (24-17)
7pm Jamsil Gymnasium/SPOTV, SPOTV NOW
– Opponent record 3-1, SK advantage
– ‘Samsung Killer’ Warney, will he continue his strength
– Samsung 59 days of winning streak challenge

The weapon that SK boasts is, of course, the fast attack. SK recorded an average of 12.4 fast attacks this season with Kim Seon-hyung, Choi Jun-yong, and Warney at the forefront, ranking first in this category overall. The power of this quick attack is further doubled when it meets Samsung. SK scored a whopping 15.3 points in the quick attack against Samsung, and the score by turnover also reached 10.8.

It is also of interest whether Warney can continue his strong side against Samsung. Warney, who ranks first in scoring with 23.4 points this season, was particularly strong against Samsung. He played very well, exploding 30.8 points in 4 games. Samsung is the only one where Warney averaged more than 30 points against a specific team. Considering the fact that Samsung was in third place (78.6 points), it was truly a ‘Samsung killer’.

It is realistically difficult for SK, which is currently in 4th place, to win the regular league, but it is still too early to give up the 2nd place, which is given direct access to the semifinal playoffs. The difference between Changwon LG and second place is 2.5 games. In order to get a little closer to the second place, you must catch the lowest Samsung.

Against this, Samsung won 83-77 in a home game against Wonju DB on the 13th, with more than 5 players scoring double-digit points evenly with a score distribution. In particular, it is encouraging for Samsung that captain Lee Jung-hyun scored 15 points with a 42% field goal rate, showing an ace-like performance for the first time in a long time. 

Samsung’s most recent winning streak dates back to December 19 last year, 59 days ago. Considering the performance revealed in the last 4 games and the difference in power with SK, in the end Samsung can increase the chances of victory even a little if the starting and bench players participate in scoring evenly by putting forward a solid defense just like the DB match.

The one who holds the key to the attack is Lee Jung-hyun, Willis, who leads the team attack. Samsung, which is challenging for its first consecutive win in 59 days, and SK, which is aiming for a second win in a row after overcoming the void of Choi Jun-yong’s injury, which team will win the 5th match of the season and attach the banner.

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