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Jackpot City Casino Review

When you have been in the industry for as long as I have, certain online casino brands stick in your head. This can be for a couple of reasons; longevity, of course, is the most obvious. The casinos that have been around the longest usually have the best brand awareness. Jackpot City is one of these brands.

This casino has been around since the infancy of the online gambling world; it has, however, changed hands a couple of times. So, does today’s version of Jackpot City live up to its history? 토토사이트

Jackpot City launched in 1998 when most of us were just discovering that you could play casino games online. It is now owned by the Digimedia Group; these guys scooped up many different independent casino operators over the last decade to create some economies of scale. The result is a company which features some of the most recognized legacy online casino brands. Digimedia has come under fire during this consolidation; changing some Terms and Conditions to match that of the rest of the group has enraged certain players and affiliates. While I don’t disagree with what the company was trying to accomplish, they definitely could have done a better job of transparency.

Jackpot City has two gaming licenses; one from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the other from the Malta Gaming Authority. This gives them credibility on both sides of the Atlantic, but most importantly it gives them a better chance of acquiring decent rates from payment processors.

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