Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“It’s not easy to calculate” NC starters who have to look to outsiders, when will the breakthrough come?

“It’s true that it’s not easy to calculate if you subtract Pedi.”

The NC Dinos starting lineup can’t seem to get a clue. Manager Kang Myung-hwa’s worries are bound to deepen.

The NC Mound has one of the strongest starting pitching staffs in the league. Eric Peddie, who leads the league in wins (13), is on an “epic” pace. In 16 starts, he has 13 wins (2 losses) and a 1.87 ERA. If he continues this pace for the rest of the season, he could easily reach 20 wins. He’s also on pace for 200 strikeouts and a sub-1 ERA. On any given day, NC’s odds of winning go through the roof.

However, he’s not the only starting pitcher on the roster. Eric Widener, another foreign pitcher, and Shin Min-hyuk have both had ups and downs. Widener has just three wins (two losses) in nine games and a 5.18 ERA. Shin Min-hyuk (3-4, 3.97 ERA in 15 games) has struggled, as has Song Myung-ki (2-7, 5.46 ERA in 21 games). Fifth starter and third-year pitcher Lee Yong-jun (3-4, 4.14 ERA in 14 games) is another question mark in terms of innings pitched.카지노

Before the season, the NC starting lineup was expected to be a strong one-two punch of Koo Chang-mo, Lee Jae-hak, and Choi Sung-young, but the three players went down with injuries one after another, leaving holes in the homegrown lineup that eventually led to a drop in performance. NC rekindled its winning streak at the end of the first half and jumped into the mid-table, but with the back battle still raging, the ‘unstable starting lineup’ could be a crash pad at any moment.

“It’s true that it’s not easy to calculate (the starting lineup) without Pedi,” Kang admitted, “but the starting lineup is important to play a stable season, and we have difficulties in this area. I think we’ve been able to get through it with some good performances from the batting lineup.”

The homegrown starters who were sidelined with injuries are slowly making their way back. Choi Sung-young started throwing for the Futures (second team) on the 21st, and Lee Jae-hak is also preparing to pitch with technical training, long tosses, and light running. Both are expected to return in August if their planned rehabilitation programs go smoothly. NC can only hope that after their return, they will be as reliable starters as they were before their injuries.

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