Saturday, 30th September 2023

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“It was panic…it was weird from the get-go,” the passenger next to me said.

Lee Yoon-jun, who was seated next to the shooter안전놀이터 on the plane that landed with the emergency door open, said he noticed something strange when the shooter boarded.

He said that when the emergency door opened, there was panic on the plane and that the day before his birthday became a nightmare.

Reporter Kim Pyeong-jung.

Mr. Lee Yoon-jun, 48, was flying back to Daegu from a business trip to Jeju Island on the day of the incident.

Mr. Lee thought it was strange at the time because the man who opened the emergency door kept looking around when he boarded the plane and made a lot of eye contact with him.

[Lee Yoon-joon / Passenger next to the man who opened the emergency door: He kept fidgeting and fidgeting, so I felt a little uneasy about him….]

When he was almost at Daegu Airport, he suddenly remembered that the hat and headset he was wearing were blown away by the wind, and when he looked up, the door was open, and he made eye contact with the shooter.

Luckily, the plane’s wheels touched down on the runway and landed safely, but that’s when he heard a “pop” next to him and the sound of a belt being unbuckled.

A flight attendant shouted for help as the shooter made his way to the emergency door, and Lee reached out with his left arm and grabbed the shooter by the nape of his neck.

[Lee Yoon-joon / Passenger next to shooter who opened emergency door: When I saw this guy, he was already hanging through the open gap, and he was acting like he was going to get off like this by hanging, so I grabbed him and….]

Lee said the incident was so panicky that elementary school students sitting behind him burst into tears.

[Lee Yoon-joon / Passenger next to the man who opened the emergency door: I have a lot of work to do, but I was also thinking, “Am I going to die?” and in movies, when you see disaster movies like that, they usually die. I was also thinking, “Oh, this could be my death.”….]

Mr. Lee said he agreed to the interview because he works as the permanent vice chairman of the Jeju headquarters of the National Association for Public Safety and Disaster Prevention.

He also credited the crew for organizing the situation, saying that there were no further accidents.

I’m Kim Pyung-jeong of YTN.

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