Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled, Disbanding Ceremony for the National Disabled Students Sports Festival

 The Incheon Sports Association for the Disabled held a disbanding ceremony for the Incheon athletes of the 17th National Disabled Students Sports Festival at the Incheon National Sports Center for the Disabled on the 14th.

A total of 131 players (61 athletes, 70 executives and guardians먹튀검증) participated in 8 events, including track and field, at the event held in Ulsan for 4 days from May 16th to 19th, and won 26 gold medals, 24 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals. dog, won a total of 59 medals. Incheon made a splendid achievement by exceeding the 5th place, up one step from the original goal of 6th place.

The disbanding ceremony was attended by about 100 athletes, including Deputy Superintendent Kim Hwan-sik of the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education, Vice Mayor Lee Haeng-suk of Incheon City, Incheon City Council Cultural Welfare Committee Chairman Kim Jong-deuk, Incheon Sports Association Secretary General Han Sang-seop, Incheon Disabled Sports Association vice president and director, and sports team leader. Starting with the report, the short-term return, individual awards, the death of the leader, words of encouragement, congratulatory remarks, and field trips were conducted in the order.

At the Disabled Students Sports Festival, the Incheon team produced 7 multiple crowns, showing outstanding skills in events such as three gold medals in weightlifting and swimming, and two gold medals in track and field and badmanton.

Hong Jin-wook of swimming was selected as a recipient of a scholarship (2 million won) given by the Korea Paralympic Association-Sports Toto Korea to athletes who achieved excellent results in various competitions. 

Incheon Athletes Choi Eui-soon (Secretary General of the Incheon Paralympic Sports Association) general manager said, “I am grateful to the athletes for their efforts to exceed the original goal despite the difficult and challenging environment.” , I think it would have been an example to many people.”

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