Monday, 29th May 2023

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In the yard where the possibility of the next command tower is drastically reduced… Zidane turns down invitation to World Cup final

It was reported that Zinedine Zidane, who was mentioned as the next head coach of the French national team, rejected the French Football Federation’s invitation to the World Cup finals. 

The French national team is ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup final match against Argentina at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 19th at the Aldayen Rusail Stadium in Qatar.

Defending champions France, Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and N’Golo Kante (Chelsea) were out due to injury before the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, and Christopher Nkunku (Leipzig) and Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) announced the final list. Afterwards, he was excluded due to an injury, and the prospects for the results of the tournament were not very bright. 

However, coach Didier Deschamps and the players overturned the predictions of many experts and fans.

Centered on ace Kylian Mbappe, strikers Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann were active, showing overwhelming performance until the semifinals. 

Meanwhile, as the French national team faces the goal of winning the tournament for the second time in a row, rumors of Zidane’s appointment as the next head coach seem to be fading away.

French media RMC Sports reported on the 17th (Korean time) that Zinedine Zidane refused to attend the final of the World Cup by the French Football Federation. 

Coach Zidane, who started his successful coaching career with Real Madrid by winning three consecutive UEFA Champions League titles, rejected many teams’ requests as if he wanted to coach the French national team. 

Coach Zidane took a break after June 2021, and in an interview last month, he added support to fans’ expectations that he would be appointed to the French national team after the World Cup, saying, “There is not much time left to return to the field.”  토토사이트

However, the situation was reversed when the French national team performed well in the World Cup.

Regarding coach Deschamps, who showed more than expected results, even French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his opinion, saying, “I am grateful to the team and coaches who showed great performance with a mixture of different generations.”

In the media, there was a prospect that coach Deschamps could continue his coaching job until 2024 to win the European Football Championship (UEFA), which he had not yet achieved. 

It is known that the current contract period between coach Deschamps and the French national team is until December 31, 2022. If he has to re-sign a two-year contract extension, as he did in 2020, Zidane will have to wait longer for his appointment to the French national team.

In such a situation, some in the French football world believe that it is not unusual for Zidane to refuse an invitation to the final without any special reason to refuse the invitation.