Monday, 29th May 2023

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“I’m stubborn… I just believe in hard work”

“I’m stubborn. It wasn’t easy to get through multiple surgeries, but I had the passion to overcome it and I never forgot the belief that I could do it. That’s why I’m here now.”

Every word of ‘Emperor’ Tiger Woods (USA메이저사이트) resonated in his heart. He did not simply bring out the good words that popped into his head, but calmly confessed what he experienced and felt. And its weight was incomparable to anything else.

On the 5th (Korean time) ahead of his 25th Masters Tournament appearance, Woods gave his thoughts on the present and future at the official press conference of the 87th Masters Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA. At the same time, he did not hide his confidence, saying, “The performance has improved compared to last year.” Woods showed off his remaining skills by winning his fifth Masters in 2019. But things changed dramatically after that. After severely injuring his leg in a car accident in February 2021, he is struggling to live his professional golf life normally. Nevertheless, after passing the cut at this tournament last year, Woods ranked 47th and received cheers of “Thank you Woods” from numerous fans on the green of the 18th hole at Augusta National Golf Club. Since then, he has shown regrettable appearances such as withdrawing from the PGA Championship, not participating in the US Open, and missing the Open Cut.

The most frustrating person is Woods himself. “It’s fortunate that I didn’t amputate my leg,” he said of the car accident at the time. He continued, “The hardest thing for me is to move on foot. Nevertheless, passing the cut at the Masters last year was a small victory for me,” he smiled.

There is a reason why he showed his will to participate in major tournaments with his painful legs. It is because they know the thrill of overcoming and exhausting efforts to the extent that they call themselves stubborn. Woods emphasized, “I believe in hard work and I think I get results just as much. He has always worked hard throughout his career as a player.” And he made the press conference solemn by saying, “The result of such efforts is the reason I can be here now.” Of course, Woods said he’s now accepting not just how fit he is, but about his age. “I don’t know how much longer I can compete for championships,” said Woods, who joked, “Three more years and I’ll be able to use carts on the Champions Tour. I know more players on the Champions Tour now than on the regular tour.”

Woods is woods even though he hides these sharp claws. “I haven’t been able to compete in a lot of tournaments lately, but if I can compete in any one event, it will be Augusta,” Woods said with confidence, saying, “I know this course better than anyone else.” “Older players like Bernhard Langer and Fred Couples know how to play certain courses, and this week I hope so too,” he said.

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