Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“I’m looking for the woman who gave me a puppy 17 years ago.”

A dog owner told us about a woman who sold him a puppy in Daegu 16 years ago. The dog, who is now an elderly dog and suffering from cancer안전놀이터, wants to meet his original owner before he dies.

On September 9, a flyer titled “Looking for the lady who gave me a puppy 17 years ago” was shared on various online communities. According to the flyer’s author, Mr. A, the exact date is “16 years ago.

Mr. A attached a childhood photo of his dog, Princess, who was three months old at the time of the sale. Gongju is a female mixed breed dog, and she was named Gongju by her previous owner, who said she was “so beautiful that I named her Gongju.”

Mr. A said he was looking for the woman who sold her to him when she was a three-month-old puppy in July 2007 at Yeungnam University Hospital in Bongdeok-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu. “She said she felt sorry for her because she couldn’t get along with her siblings, so she brought her out to give her to anyone,” he said, recalling that she smelled fragrant in the woman’s arms.

A flyer seeking the original owner of a dog that was sold 17 years ago in Daegu. Capturing the online community

“(The lady) kept asking me not to throw it away,” Mr. A said, explaining that he “got a black plastic bag from a nearby store and put the puppy in it,” and that “her daughter and her mom on a scooter took it with them.”

The reason for Mr. A’s visit was that he wanted to “thank you very much.” He said, “I have been very happy for a long time, thanks to my beautiful princess, but she is now an old dog and is very sick. I want to let her meet her original mom before she dies.”

He added, “The promise I made not to abandon her, I kept it for 17 years, so I hope you can meet my princess once.”

Netizens agreed that Mr. A’s heart was very beautiful and touching. “I can imagine how much she must have cherished her princess for 17 years,” “It’s touching that she wants to do everything she can for her dying dog,” and “I hope the flyer is spread far and wide so she can meet her.”

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