Saturday, 25th March 2023

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“If you really do feel like treating yourself, accessories are often the best place to start”

If the boujee look appeals to you, there are still ways to embrace the style without spending lots of money—or contributing unnecessarily to fast fashion. Use apps like Pinterest, Instagram and LikeToKnow to work out your signature colours, or think about how you can restyle what you already own in sleeker ways. Apps such as Karma can help to alert to sales or discount codes, but do consider curating a long-term wishlist before you splurge; with so many high-end trends thrown at us every day on social media, it’s important to work out which fashion cravings are truly coming from you, and what are just things you think you should like. Rental sites can also be a great way to try out new looks for big events, with a huge wealth of designer options to explore. 토토사이트

If you really do feel like treating yourself, accessories are often the best place to start. Designer shoes and bags hold their worth much more readily than clothing, and really can elevate a very simple outfit to boujee status. Deeper than even fashion, boujee can also be a state of mind; taking more time to do the things that make us happy, rethinking our relationships with our careers, allowing ourselves a little more time to indulge in a relaxing skincare or wellbeing routine. Boujee should never be a pressure to live up to, but done in a healthy way, it can be a great way to feel closer to the person many of us want to be—the creative, go-getter who knows exactly what she likes.

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