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“I thought you would play with me” Kim Ha-seong, the first home run to end his debut, “Come on” to his colleague’s ice offensive

 It was the best day after advancing to the major leagues.

Ha-seong Kim (28) of the San Diego Padres hit his first walk-off home run since his big league debut.

On the 4th (hereafter Korean time메이저사이트), Kim Ha-seong led the team to a 5-4 victory with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth against the Arizona Diamond Bex held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA. Thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s home run, San Diego went on a three-game winning streak.

San Diego was trailing 3-4 before the last attack in the bottom of the ninth.

However, in the bottom of the ninth, David Dahl’s solo shot by lead batter David Dahl, followed by Kim Ha-seong’s back-to-back home run, sent home fans who filled the stands into a frenzy. In the ball count 3B-1S ‘batter count’, Kim Ha-seong pulled the 90-mile (145 km) slider in the middle of Arizona finisher Scott McCoff’s without hesitation and went over his left fence. It was an exciting hit that anyone could tell it was a home run the moment it hit. McCoff, who made a mistake, also went down the mound as if he had an intuition that it was a home run the moment the ball left Kim Ha-sung’s bat.

Kim Ha-seong, who started as the second baseman in the ninth, stepped down with a hit in the previous three at-bats. He did not record a hit due to an infield grounder from second base without an out in the second inning, a pitcher grounder after one out in the fourth inning, and a foul fly in the seventh inning as the lead batter.

However, he showed off his clutch ability to the fullest by hitting a walk-off home run in his most important last at-bat.

After the game, Kim Ha-seong, who became the main character of the broadcast interview, said, “I was so happy and happy to hit a home run in the last three at-bats.” Regarding the walk-off homer he hit right after Dahl’s tie, he was delighted, saying, “I thought that I would not walk and I would not miss the ball coming to the count, which led to good results.”

During a broadcast interview, Kim Ha-seong, who received a congratulatory ice ceremony from mischievous colleagues, laughed, saying, “(Ice cold) is stronger than I thought.

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