Thursday, 21st September 2023

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“I love infertility” KIA’s old-fashioned foreign punch, first sortie caught

“The friendliness is so good”.

KIA Tigers foreign pitchers turned on the green light to adapt to the KBO League. KIA recruited two right-handed pitchers from Stove League, Sean Anderson (28) and Adonis Medina (26). All of them are pitchers with a distance of over 150 km. It’s not just the pitch that’s good. His active personality to adapt was also praised. 안전놀이터

KIA made the decision to replace two left-handers, Sean Nolin and Thomas Panoni, who posted an average ERA of 2 points side by side last year. It was judged that it would be advantageous in the regular league to build a strong starting lineup that could defeat the opponent. It is also true that anticipation is high as he plays a major role in the starting lineup along with Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri. 

So far, I’ve only pitched the bullpen. It is difficult to make an accurate judgment because he has not climbed the mound. Starting with the actual game in Okinawa, he raises the number of pitches and undergoes inspections until the demonstration game. Coach Jeong Myeong-won, who watched the two players at the Arizona camp, gave a satisfactory evaluation. Although the position is also the position, the affable personality was chosen first.

Coach Jeong said, “It is difficult for foreigners to play baseball well if they are alone and separate from their teammates and adapt to the team. The two players do not have that. I want to give it a big score just for that alone,” he raised his thumb. 

In particular, “He throws the ball easily and easily from the bullpen. His speed comes out and his control is good. We will have to watch the actual game in Okinawa, but we are looking forward to it. They didn’t do this,” he said. 

Among last year’s foreign pitchers, Nolin was sidelined for two months due to a calf injury. Ronnie Williams was kicked out early due to poor pitch. Panoni, who joined late, also threw a good ball, but was not the style to overwhelm the opponent. All of them failed to complete the regular innings. It was one of the reasons for the difficult fight in the top 5. 

Anderson and Medina’s first real match was also decided. In the practice match against Samsung held at Akama Stadium on March 1, they plan to throw two innings each. Originally, he was scheduled to pitch against Hanwha on the 28th and against Samsung on the 1st, but due to his delayed return from LA, the schedule changed and he pitched together. Coach Jeong expected, “From this day on, I will start raising the number and pitch in line with the opening as a starting pitcher. I will prepare well.” 

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