Monday, 29th May 2023

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“I jumped into the flames, saved eight people, and went to the emergency room… ‘Pay the money for treatment’”

A man who jumped into the flames and evacuated his neighbors revealed a later story that he had to pay for the treatment after being taken to the hospital emergency room by ambulance right after the rescue operation. He expressed his disappointment, saying that he even regretted his actions.

On the 17th, Mr. A (39)카지노사이트, who identified himself as the head of a family living in Incheon, drew attention by posting an article titled ‘I saved a person but regretted coming back’ with this content on an online community on the 17th. As of the 19th, this article has exceeded 150,000 views.

He said that after calling 119 when a fire broke out in a villa last month, he evacuated eight elderly people by going around the first to fifth floors of the building. It is said that he was taken to the hospital emergency room after drinking poisonous gas while carrying out rescue activities for about 3 minutes without any personal protective equipment in the midst of soaring fire and smoke. He said that he suffered from severe chest pain and coughing, and was able to rest after receiving emergency treatment such as airway expansion.

However, after that, Mr. A said that he was asked to pay for the treatment at his own expense. He said, “Personally, I did a good job, so I was nervous by myself, saying, ‘It’s okay’, but did I have to pay for treatment?”

He continued, “Since I saved lives and went to the hospital by ambulance, I knew that I would not have to pay for treatment.”

Regarding the fire mentioned by Mr. A, an official from the Incheon Fire Headquarters said, “It occurred on the roof of a villa in Michuhol-gu at around 10 am on the 4th of last month, and the outer wall of the building was scorched, causing damage worth 490,000 won, and there was no loss of life.” The contents disclosed by (rescue situation, transfer to the hospital of Mr. A, etc.) could not be confirmed on the record, so we are checking the facts with the dispatch department at the time.”

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