Monday, 29th May 2023

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I changed it because of the maintenance cost… Electric car drivers ‘crying’ at electricity rate hike

Many people buy electric cars because of the low maintenance cost.

However, as the cost of charging electric vehicles also rises with the recent increase in electricity rates, the dissatisfaction of car owners is growing.

Reporter Bae Ji-hyun covered the story.


Yuju Kang, who bought an electric car three years ago, is contemplating whether to resell it.

This is because the maintenance cost burden has increased as the electricity rate continued to rise.

[Soundbite] Kang Yoo-joo/Electric Vehicle Owner: “In the past메이저놀이터, when we filled up, we filled it up for the low 10,000 won. These days, it’s over 20,000 won, so the difference seems to be almost twice as high. ]

On the 16th, when KEPCO raised the electricity rate by 8 won, it also raised the rate of electric vehicle charging facilities for apartments that it directly operates.

After the special discount on electric vehicle charging fees ended in September of last year, charging rates have already risen once.

As KEPCO first raised charging rates, the prevailing view in the industry is that rate hikes by other charging companies are imminent. [Soundbite from a private charging company/Voice Modified: “If the Ministry of Environment raises

the price in the future, wouldn’t the (private) charging companies agree accordingly?”

However, livelihood electric car owners who have no choice but to use relatively more expensive quick chargers, such as cargo drivers and taxi drivers, are anxious.

[Soundbite] Huh Chil-seong/Electric truck owner : “I’m worried just hearing about (rates going up). It’s used by the common people, and it’s a problem if it doesn’t cut costs.

” There are also concerns that it will disrupt the eco-friendly electric vehicle supply policy.

This is Bae Ji-hyun from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Kang Seung-hyuk, Choi Ha-un/Video editing: Han Hyo-jung, Yu Ji-young/Graphics: Chae Sang-woo

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