Saturday, 27th May 2023

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Hoengseong-gun Office coach Kim Hee-soon selected as national coach for the women’s bowling team

Kim Hee-soon (55, photo), Hoengseong-gun Office women’s bowling team coach, was appointed as the national women’s bowling team coach in 2023.

The Korea Bowling Association recently held its second board of directors meeting and announced that it had appointed Kim Hee-soon, Hoengseong-gun coach, as the coach of the national women’s bowling team in 2023. Coach Kim played an active part in the national team for many years as a player, and after going through Busan Nam-gu Office coach (2012-2013) and national team coach (2012-2015), Hoengseong-gun Office women’s bowling team 메이저놀이터was founded in 2016 and has been in charge of coaching until now. . In 2017, she was awarded the ‘Cheongryongjang’ of the Korean Sports Medal, the highest grade medal in the field of physical education.

Currently, the women’s bowling team of Hoengseong-gun Office is establishing itself as a prestigious business team by achieving excellent results in various national competitions under the guidance of coach Kim.

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