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Hit the ball and strike out? A batter who walked to first base without hesitation, the referee declared an out, why?

Gwangju Kia Champions Field on the 27th메이저사이트.

KIA Tigers foreign hitter Socrates Brito was driven to an unfavorable ball count of two strikes by NC Dinos starting pitcher Chang-mo Koo in the bottom of the 4th inning with no runners out. Gu Chang-mo threw the ball deep into Socrates’ body. However, the ball hit Socrates near the back of his left hand, where he was holding the bat. After stepping out of the plate, Socrates took off his protective gear after being inspected by the trainer, signaled that there was nothing wrong, and walked to first base.

However, referee Lee Min-ho talked with the third base umpire for a while. It is for determining whether Socrates swings in the process of being hit by Gu Chang-mo’s ball. Socrates was already on first base, but the conversation continued for a while. Referee Lee Min-ho seemed to be walking toward home plate, but he called the first base umpire again and discussed whether Socrates would swing.

After talking with the 1st and 3rd base umpires, referee Lee Min-ho immediately made a gesture to mean ‘swing out’. Socrates raised his hands as if he couldn’t understand, and a murmur continued in the audience. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk walked out and appealed to referee Lee. However, Socrates’ decision to strike out and end the inning was not overturned.

Referee Lee Min-ho explained the reason for the decision through the microphone in the hall, saying, “The swing is established first because the ball became a hitter after the batter’s swing.”

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