Saturday, 30th September 2023

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Heavy showers everywhere today… 33 degree heat on weekends

These days, the stormy weather continues with sudden showers and even hail.

The forecast is that the whimsical showers will only come down until today (the 15th).

Instead, summer heat around 33 degrees is expected to prevail over the weekend.

This is reporter Kim Dong-hyuk.


I try to quickly move the windshield wipers in the pouring rain안전놀이터, but I can’t see very well.

It makes a dull sound and even hailstones fall.

By afternoon, strong rain clouds developed sporadically.

In Jongno-gu, Seoul, torrential rain of 30mm poured in an hour, and citizens using umbrellas had to evacuate inside buildings in a hurry.

Loud showers are made every day because the atmosphere becomes very unstable in the afternoon.

With cold air around minus 15 degrees Celsius staying in the upper atmosphere, the temperature of the ground heated during the day exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, widening the temperature difference to 40 degrees.

In the eastern region, as air gathered from both directions, more narrow, tall shower clouds developed.

Showers accompanied by gusts of wind and lightning continue a little longer.

<Seo Min-ji / Forecast Analyst, Korea Meteorological Administration> “As the atmospheric instability continues, there will be places with strong winds accompanied by thunder, lightning, and hail showers of more than 30mm per hour until the evening of the 15th, so please pay attention to facility management and safety accidents.”

The cold air that hovered over the Korean Peninsula and increased atmospheric instability will recede later in the week.

The days will get hotter as the warm air fills the empty seats, but the Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that the heat wave would prevail with daytime temperatures ranging from 30 to 33 degrees on the weekend.

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