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Gwangju Sandro “I didn’t come to play, I will always fight and clash for the team”

In the 2023 season, when Gwangju FC was promoted to the professional soccer K League 1, the first foreign vice-captain in the history of the club was appointed. Sandro, who joined the team in the middle of last season and led Gwangju’s run in the second half with a different level of play, is the main character.

As the foreign player quota has increased this season, the role of the ‘Foreign Army’ has become more important, so Sandro’s role on and off the field is important.

Sandro said, “I’ve never been captain or vice-captain, but I’m happy to have an important role. My goal is Gwangju FC’s goal. I will work harder and do better this year.” I will always fight, and while bothering my opponent, I will make sure that Gwangju makes a good history.”

The following is a Q&A with Sandro.

▲ I became the first foreign vice

-captain in the history of Gwangju FC. I will do my best to play the role of vice-captain so that I can help the team in any way.

▲ What coach Lee Jung-hyo ordered

– There was no special order, but he asked me to help foreign players, lead them well, and act as a middle bridge.메이저놀이터

▲ There are 5 foreign players of different nationalities and languages. -Although

they are not good at English, they are trying to understand and communicate with each other. are doing In addition, we are creating an atmosphere so that you can feel good during training.

▲I heard that new foreign players were invited to my house when they came to Gwangju. -When the

season started, I didn’t think I would have time, so I invited the players and treated them to Brazilian food with my wife. Last year I didn’t have a chance, but this year I want to invite not only foreign players but also Korean players to have dinner together.

▲ Coach Lee Jung-hyo said that he takes good care of young players. -I

like the way the players are united. We want to take care of young players as well as senior players. It’s not something I want to show off to anyone, it’s a part that comes out naturally. While concentrating at the training ground, he also plays jokes to cheer up the atmosphere. That’s the original character.

▲What kind of player is captain Ahn Young

-gyu? From the first time I met him, I felt something connected. They joke around with each other and are good people. As the captain, he will talk a lot about what the club and coaching staff want. That would be an unavoidable part. If there is something I need to talk about, I will speak up and act as vice-captain while keeping the line.

▲Joined in the middle of last season, if you evaluate the first season -When

I first arrived, I didn’t notice much of a difference in culture and people. Instead, it was difficult to adapt to the Korean soccer style. It took me about a month to get used to it and get comfortable. It’s a pity that I can’t speak English very well. I thought that if I was a little better at English or Korean, it would have been easier to have a conversation.

▲ What was the most different about K-League soccer?

– The fast tempo and the physical part were difficult. When I was in Europe, I moved dynamically, exchanging a lot of passes, but here it felt like I was alternating between offense and defense. Moving quickly helps a lot. I also liked the new soccer because I enjoyed bumping into each other and fighting. The part that annoys the opposing players is fun. ▲I had no luck in

the beginning after joining the team .

If Gollun had followed everything, it would have been difficult to be here this year (laughs). I hope that the goals that were not scored last year due to bad luck will be scored all at once in the K-League 1 this year.

▲ On the day I switched from using number 9 to number 91, I raised my first attack point. The meaning of the back

number 91 has been 91 for -6 years. There is a word related to protection in Psalm 91 of the Bible, and it touched me so much that I am writing number 91. I changed my back number because I felt like I was naked. I changed my number and the content of the game was good in that game, and I also recorded an assist. I can’t help but feel about number 91. Of course, I got used to the period of wearing the number 9, and I think I got good results because everything matched well, such as understanding what the director wanted.

▲The player who works best with

Ha Seung-woon and Um Ji-seong can tell you what to do at a glance. He also works really well with Park Hanbin. Even if you don’t say a word, you know just by eye contact. Park Han-bin is the player who predicts my movements and does the best to match them.

▲Coach Lee Jeong-hyo always orders me to think about it, and the feeling I had with the new coach is

– The part where they give homework is because the player knows how far he can go. And I wish the team and the players all the best. That part is so good. He is a scary and strict coach when playing games inside the field, but outside the field he treats me like a big brother or uncle.

▲ This season, I will play at a higher level. What kind of image do you want to show

? -I joined late last year and it was a short period of time, but I think I showed what kind of player I am and what kind of play I play. My goal is Gwangju FC’s goal. I will work harder and do better this year.

▲Director Lee Jeong-hyo talks about an ‘annoying team’. What kind of team is Gwangju?

-There are many good people, and they guided me well. Most importantly, it is a family atmosphere. Game-wise, it will definitely be an annoying team and will be a stumbling block for many teams. It is not a team that came to play for a while. You will always fight and annoy your opponents. Last year, I felt that my opponent felt pressured by me, and I want to do the same this year as well. What I can definitely promise is that I will become a striker who is a nightmare for opposing defenders. I hope Gwangju makes good history in the K-League 1. I will play that role.

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