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‘Genius’ Kim Haeng-jik’s younger brother, Kim Tae-gwan… Eyes on the performance of the first part tour of the next season

The leading role in the first part of the next season of the professional billiards PBA has been covered. 

On the 27th, the PBA said, “We finished all the official schedule for this season by wrapping up the ‘2022-23 Helix PBA Challenge Tour Round 6’ held at the PBC Carom Club in Goyang.” 

Accordingly, all 18 Dream (Part 2) and Challenge (Part 3) tour players (15 Dream, 3 Challenge) who qualified for the first part of the 23-24 season, the next season, were selected. This season, the PBA conducted nine tours in the first division (PBA-LPBA), including the World Championship, and six tours each for Dream and Challenge. 

After each season, the joys and sorrows are mixed. In the first division tour, especially in the team league, it happens that members and captains who have been together for a year or several years disappear. On the other hand, players who struggled on the 2nd and 3rd tours will be promoted to the 1st tour the following year, and if they are lucky, they will be lucky enough to join the team league. 

The PBA gives the top 15 players on the Dream Tour and the top 3 players on the Challenge Tour each season the opportunity to play in the first division of the next season. 

‘Player and commentator’ Kang Sang-gu ranked first in the season rankings (13,600 points) on the Dream Tour and placed his name at the top of the promotion list. After suffering a relegation last season due to a back injury, he succeeded in returning to the first division tour after two seasons by winning the opening game of this season and reaching the semifinals of the sixth round. 

Besides that, 6 out of 15 people who were promoted to the Dream Tour offered a re-challenge in the first part. Kim In-ho (13,000 points), Lee Hong-ki (11,600 points), Lee Young-joo, Go Gyeong-nam, Park Chun-woo, etc. The above players will be on the first division tour in three seasons at the longest and one season at the shortest.

In the Challenge Tour, where only three players are given a chance, Kim Tae-gwan rose to the top of the season rankings with 10,175 points. 

Kim Tae-gwan is known as the younger brother of ‘Billiard Genius’ Kim Haeng-jik (Jeonnam Billiard Federation), who recently won the runner-up in the Las Vegas 3-Cushion World Cup. He made his first division tour debut as a wild card from his last season, and won two championships on the challenge tour this season, proving his deep ‘billiard vein’스포츠토토.  

However, Kim Tae-gwan succeeded in remaining by acquiring points (22,000 points) that allowed him to remain in the 1st part tour, which he participated as a wild card. As a result, the opportunity for promotion went to Lee Jeong-hoon (5,225 points), the next ranked player. 

On the other hand, among the first division tour players, there are quite a few players who suffer the pain of being demoted to Q School. 

Blue One Resort leader Eom Sang-pil (16,500 points, 74th place), Hana Card leader Kim Byeong-ho (15,500 points, 81st place), Welcome Savings Bank Seo Hyun-min (joint 81st place), and Han Ji-seung (108th place) went to school again. . Attention is focusing on whether it will be promoted to the first division tour again.

With this, the PBA, which has completed the entire schedule for this season, prepares for the next season starting with the 2023 Q-School, which is the first division tour player selection event in May. Q School will participate in the 22-23 season 1st Division Tour relegated players, Dream Tour 16th to 64th, and Challenge Tour 4th to 32nd. LPBA tryouts are also held during this period. 

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