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foreigner? transfer student? reappointment? Various K League 1 12 club captains

The opening of the K League 1 is now three days away.

The 12 K-League 1 clubs conducted intense winter training for the new season. Overseas and domestically, they shed beads of sweat for their respective goals.스포츠토토

The first step to prepare for the new season is to appoint a captain. The role of argument is important. In addition to serving as the focal point for the team, he is responsible for bridging the coaching staff and players. Knowing the weight of the captain’s armband, all 12 clubs carefully selected captains.

various claims. Some clubs have chosen a second term, while others have chosen a new captain. He boldly filled the transfer student with the captain’s armband, and unconventionally left the captaincy to a foreign player.

Eight of the 12 clubs have appointed new captains.

Ulsan Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, Jeju United, Gangwon FC, Suwon FC, FC Seoul, Suwon Samsung, and Daejeon Hana Citizen (above 2022 in order of grades) prepared for a new season with a new captain. New captains were appointed side by side, but for different reasons.

Last year, Kangwon gave Kim Dong-hyun, born in 1997, the captain’s armband. Last year, he was the youngest captain in the K League 1. However, when Kim Dong-hyun enlisted in Kimcheon Sangmu, Lim Chang-woo, who was vice-captain, was promoted to captain. As Pohang captain Shin Jin-ho transferred to Incheon United last year, franchise star Seung-dae Kim was captained. A case where the captain naturally changed due to a player transfer.

Champions Ulsan, Jeju, Seoul, and Suwon chose to change. In Ulsan, Lee Chung-yong replaced Jeong Seung-hyeon, in Jeju, Kim O-gyu replaced Choi Young-jun, in Seoul, Na Sang-ho replaced Ilyuschenko, in Suwon, Min Sang-gi replaced Lee Ki-je, and in Daejeon, Jo Yu-min replaced Joo Se-jong.

Choi Young-joon claimed to be the captain himself, and Suwon appointed Lee Ki-je through a team meeting. Ulsan shouted ‘young leadership’, and Seoul decided to captain a foreign player for the second time after Osmar in 2016. Daejeon, the promoted team, joined in the middle of last year and led the promotion, then filled the captain’s armband with Ju Se-jong, who transferred completely.

In the case of Suwon FC, transfer student Yoon Bitgaram was appointed as captain. Suwon FC manager Kim Do-gyun revealed the background of the appointment, saying, “I expect a sense of responsibility from Yoon Bit-garam.”

The captains of Jeonbuk Hyundai, Incheon United, Daegu FC, and promoted team Gwangju FC are serving consecutive terms.

Hong Jeong-ho of Jeonbuk and Oh Ban-seok of Incheon will serve as captains for two consecutive years. Jeonbuk ranked 2nd and Incheon ranked 4th, so they chose stability over change. In the middle of last year, Daegu gave the captaincy again to Sejingya, a foreign player who wore the captain’s armband. In Gwangju, Ahn Young-kyu, who won the K-League 2 championship, became the captain for the second consecutive year.

Among the 12 club captains, the youngest is Jeong Seung-hyun, born in 1994. The oldest is Oh Ban-seok, born in 1988. 3 people born in 1989 (Hong Jeong-ho, Sejing-ya, Ahn Young-gyu), 3 people born in 1990 (Yun Bit-garam, Ilyu Chenko, Joo Se-jong), 3 people born in 1991 (Kim Seung-dae, Choi Young-jun, Lee Ki-je), 1 person born in 1992 ( Lim Chang-woo).

By position, there are 6 defenders (Jeong Seung-hyun, Hong Jeong-ho, Oh Ban-seok, Lim Chang-woo, Lee Ki-je, Ahn Young-gyu), 4 midfielders (Kim Seung-dae, Choi Young-jun, Yun Bit-garam, Ju Se-jong), and 2 strikers (Sejingya, Ilyuchenko). am. All striker captains are also foreign players.

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