Sunday, 28th May 2023

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Football Association “Kim Min-jae did not participate in the June convocation, it is not confirmed … Schedule is being adjusted”

The Korea Football Association reported that it is coordinating the schedule with Kim Min-jae, whose June convocation has become unclear due to basic military training. 

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play two consecutive matches of the Hana Bank Invitational National Soccer Team Friendly Match against Peru and El Salvador (location, time undecided) on June 16 and 20. Klinsmanho, who won 1 draw and 1 loss against Colombia and Uruguay in March, will challenge for his first win this June. 

However, the call-up of Kim Min-jae, a key defender of the national team, is unclear. According to football officials, Kim Min-jae received a notice to enter the training center for basic military training. He had, of course, been set as the date of enlistment on June 15, the day before the game against Peru. 

Kim Min-jae received military service benefits while winning the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Palembang, Jakarta. If he is registered as an arts-athletic agent, he must undergo three weeks of military training within one year. Kim Min-jae completed his application last year and must return to the training center within this year. Kim Min-jae also missed the June call last year due to ankle surgery. 

The Football Association is trying to get Kim Min-jae to play. An official from the association said, “The national team has also confirmed that Kim Min-jae will be enlisting in mid-June. It is true that he has to go, but nothing has been confirmed. We are checking to see if he can play even if possible. We are coordinating each other’s schedules to see if a postponement is possible.” said. 

Last year, Hwang Hee-chan also received military training during the call-up in June. Hwang Hee-chan received military training for three weeks after enlisting after playing against Brazil and Chile. The association hopes that Kim Min-jae will also enlist after playing against Peru. However, it is unknown whether Kim Min-jae will be able to coordinate the schedule with the Military Manpower Administration. 

Kim Min-jae must solve the military issue this summer메이저사이트. He is likely to leave his team after winning Serie A with Napoli this season. Amid rumors of a transfer with many teams, he needs to get military training quickly so that the transfer problem can be resolved quickly. 

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae had a meeting with coach Klinsman, who recently toured Europe. When Kim Min-jae called for an A match in March, he indicated that he was psychologically difficult. After returning to Korea, coach Klinsmann said, “I had a meal near Naples where Min-jae Kim lives. We also talked about the current feelings that Min-jae Kim personally feels.” I think this meeting was helpful.” 

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