Saturday, 25th March 2023

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FIFA – More than a video game about football

Gaming hasn’t just blown up during lockdown, where we saw games consoles of all varieties sell out, but it really has just blown up over the last 10 years. FIFA’s popularity has coincided with not just this boom, but also with the release of its most popular game mode, Ultimate Team, where players start with the lowest ability players, and work to get the best people in their team across the year. And whilst this is great for the player of the game, this has become such a huge deal for football players themselves across the country. 스포츠토토

Further proof of this is the plethora of ratings release videos that the major clubs release every year and even the ratings predictions that rival clubs do with one another. 

FIFA, and in particular Ultimate Team, is a great way of discovering the next great talent in the real footballing world. The best way to show this is via two of the best features that Ultimate Team has on offer. Number one is the Team Of The Week, where players get upgrades on their stats if they played well in real life.

Take Wissam Ben Yedder (any FIFA players will cower at his name), who scored twice last week and was rewarded with a special upgrade. I didn’t know a lot about Ben Yedder before I noticed him getting lots of these TOTW cards, but I actually now know him as one of the most lethal strikers in French football. The fact he’s on in the joke that he’s got a brilliant player on FIFA also shows

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