Saturday, 30th September 2023

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‘Extreme choice during live broadcast’ BJ Imvely… died within a week

Internet broadcaster ( BJ ) Imvely (real name Lim Ji -hye · 37 )토토사이트 , a racing model who tried to make an extreme choice during an online live broadcast, finally passed away. On the 19th, her bereaved family reported the obituary through

Imvely’s SNS . Her Imvely posted on her Instagram, “I convey her obituary because the late Lim Ji-hye passed away. I hope that you will take full advantage of not being able to contact her one by one due to her bewildered mind.”

A link to the mobile deputy breakdown was also attached to the article. Netizens left messages of condolence to her deceased. Imvely’s Instagram account is now private.

On the 11th, during a live broadcast on YouTube at home, Imvely made an extreme choice by writing a suicide note and disappearing from the screen. Afterwards, the scene where the 119 rescue team was dispatched to the scene was broadcast live.

After being taken to the hospital, Imvely was said to be in critical condition, with two cardiac arrests. He was unconscious and he was treated for a week, but it seems that he never regained consciousness.

Right before the accident, he hosted a drinking mukbang (drinking broadcast) with internet broadcasters in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do. It is said that there was a quarrel with another performer at this place. It is known that this broadcast, also known as ‘Bucheon Hell Party’, took a method of inducing a stimulating competition between BJs in order to attract viewer support.

Imvely debuted as a model for the magazine ‘Maxim’ in 2006 and worked as a racing model for about 10 years. He got married in 2014, took a break from activities, and divorced in 2018. Since then, he has raised two daughters by hosting personal broadcasts on Afreeca TV and YouTube channels.

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