Sunday, 28th May 2023

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Equalizer’ Kim Young-kwon against Portugal… “Thank you for calling me a miracle man”

Kim Young-kwon, who scored an equalizer against Portugal at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, expressed his gratitude for his nickname.

In an interview with News 1 on the 19th, Kim Young-kwon said, “Thank you” for the nickname ‘Miracle Man’. Kim Young-kwon served as the vice-captain of Bentoho and participated in all 4 matches the national team played. In particular, he was called a miracle man when he scored an equalizer against Portugal and laid the foundation for a come-from-behind victory.

Kim Young-kwon is a defender who scored two goals in his World Cup career. In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he scored the winning goal in the match against strong Germany. Regarding this, Kim Young-kwon said, “I think I was lucky,” and “When I scored a goal, I thought of my family.”

Explaining the goal situation against Portugal, Kim Young-kwon said, “I learned after the game that the ball hit Ronaldo’s back.”

Kim Young-kwon said, “I will prepare for the immediate goal rather than preparing for the next World Cup.” “I think the next year is more important,” he said. “Looking at the future four years from now is a distant story, and I will prepare well and challenge myself to win the Asian Football Championship (Asian Cup) next year.” He also said, “I will definitely win the Asian Cup scheduled for next year,” and “I will work hard for Ulsan Hyundai’s second K-League victory.” 토토사이트

Kim Young-kwon was first selected for the senior national team in 2010 by former national team coach Cho Kwang-rae. Since then, he has stepped on the stage of the World Cup finals three times. He joined the Century Club (100 A matches) in the Round of 16 match against Brazil and has scored 7 goals in his A match career.