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Entering Seongnam through the 175:1 competition rate, ‘scary rookie’ Kim Won-joon “I want to look like Hwang Hee-chan”

Seongnam FC held an open test last December to find a new player.스포츠토토 In an open test involving 350 people, Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung selected only two players. They are Kim Jin-rae, a defender from Suwon Samsung, and Kim Won-joon, a striker who played for Cheongju FC in the K3 League.

Kim Won-joon wore the Seongnam uniform through a tremendous competition rate of 175:1. Seongnam is his first professional team. He said, “I didn’t know it would happen. I heard that there was an open test and I did my best without regrets, but I was lucky. The coach looked good on me and I came to the team. I did the test twice, but it wasn’t too cold in the first round. During the final test of the car, I played in a state where it was too cold and down to minus 10 degrees.

He also said, “The style of football that the coach likes is one that presses quickly, is active from the front, and runs a lot. My strengths are reckless breakthrough, crossing, and movement from the side. I wonder if I showed it well in the test.” He talked about his own strengths that appealed to him.

b11: How do you feel about surpassing the 175:1 competition rate?

“I thought, ‘Have so many come?’. Since 400 people came as representatives after hard work, I don’t want to be suspicious of them. I think I have to do well and show it this year.”

b11: I think you got a lot of congratulations.

“When I passed, my friends said, ‘It seems like everyone is rewarded for your hard work.’ . My parents told me, ‘As much as I overcame all of that and became a pro, I have to do better because it’s just the beginning.'”

b11: How was the training camp in Thailand?

“Exercise was very difficult. It was the most difficult winter season while playing soccer. I went to overseas training for the first time. I came in, and while I was in Thailand, I went through intensive training and I think my body was built. I also did team tactical training, so I learned how to move and play according to the team tactics this year.”

b11: What was good about it.

“The training was tough, but the weather was nice. You can use the swimming pool freely, and Korea is winter, but Thailand has nice weather. I ate a lot of fruit.

b11: Did you have a special relationship with Seongnam?

“Seongnam is close to home. Player Song Si-woo, who came to Seongnam in 2020, is a junior in high school. Jae-woo Kang was also his best friend in high school. I think it’s a pity. I came to watch the game twice. I didn’t know a single player, but the goalkeeper (Jeong) Myeong-je, who got to know Jae-woo, took care of him a lot in the beginning. Now I’m close with my brothers and sisters.”

b11: They say that the team has a lot of expectations. What do you order the most?

“Once you catch the ball, he tells you to play confidently and recklessly, and not back away, save the ball and move forward. It is a part that is ordered to all players. .”

b11: Coach Lee Ki-hyeong tends to change positions a lot. Has he tried other positions?

“I’m a wing forward, but sometimes I play as a center forward. I saw two tops, but I didn’t see one tops.

b11: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a pro?

“The K3 League and the pros are completely different stages. Even when I went to K3 in college, I felt that it was different because I was in an adult team. It’s good. It’s a good environment to focus on exercise. There are teams that don’t have clubhouses, so I’ve seen friends struggling, so you can only focus on exercise.”

b11: What needs to be supplemented?

“I don’t think I have a good mentality. After talking with my brothers, there are players who have been in the pros for over 10 years. I could feel that ‘you survive because you have this kind of mind and mentality.’ It is important how well you manage the enemy parts and think positively. Professionals are more detailed and sophisticated, and there are many situations where even small mistakes are not tolerated.

“The coach says never lose, always be strong and never lose in a one-on-one fight. I’m doing that kind of workout, so I work really hard even when I’m working out without anyone.”

b11: A player you want to be like.

“The player I want to resemble the most is Hwang Hee-chan. I watched the variety show Hwang Hee-chan on I Live Alone. Seeing him working hard and working hard to take care of his body in an invisible place, I thought, ‘I’m recognized and represented by the national team because I do that.’ I am trying to become that kind of player. He’s taking it as a motif.”

“And Seongnam FC’s Kwon Soon-hyung. He’s old, but I know he’s been working as a pro for close to 20 years. Seeing from the side, he’s been a pro for a long time like that, and then he can loosen up and loosen up, but he works harder than anyone else. Fight first. He is a person who acts as an example, so I want to become a player who sets an example like Sunhyung hyung and play soccer for a long time.”

b11: Have you ever imagined running before the opening game?

“I want to go into the stadium and listen to the cheering of the fans while running, and I imagine that before I go to bed. I have to work hard to make it a reality.”

b11: What do you most want to do as a professional player?

“I take victory shots when I was in college or in the K3 League, but I really wanted to do that when I saw the victory shots my professional friends took with supporters.

b11: What is your goal for this year?

“My goal is to play in more than 20 games this year. I am aiming for more than 10 offensive points.”

b11: How is breathing with your colleagues?

“I stand on the right side a lot. (Park) Jiwon-i, (Lee) Ji-hoon hyung, players who look at the right back, (Lee) Jong-ho hyung, (former) Seong-su. Midfielders (Moon) Chang-jin hyung or (Kwon) Soon-hyung I think breathing with a wingback who sees the line like Lee hyung is the most important. This is the stage where we are getting along well in training.”

b11: What do you want to say to the fans?

“You may not know my name since I came here for the first time this year, but I hope you will come and support me because I will show you a lot of good images so that you will remember my name.”

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