Monday, 29th May 2023

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‘Continued unrelated’ Chris Paul, does the company with Phoenix end… Ayton also mentioned a transfer

Phoenix will explore a trade for Paul and Ayton. 

‘ESPN’ reported on the situation of the Phoenix Suns, who finished the 2022-2023 season on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time).

Phoenix’s raucous season is over. It was a season in which Kevin Durant was recruited and showed a strong will to win, but the dream was not realized.

The limits of the roster were severely exposed. Throughout the playoffs, the depth problem held back Phoenix, and the burden of one-two punch Devin Booker and Kevin Durant increased. In the end, the discharged booker showed a sluggish appearance in the 6th round of the 2nd round held on the 12th.

It is difficult to press the reset button because four unprotected future first-round picks were handed over to Brooklyn. For now, it seems that Phoenix is ​​aiming for a power reorganization through trade.

The players who come to mind as potential trade cards are starting point guard Chris Paul and center DeAndre Ayton. While Phoenix is ​​expected to reorganize the team around Booker and Durant, it seems that one of the two players will have to move to the team to make a meaningful reinforcement. 

Born in 1985 and entering the final 메이저사이트stages of his NBA career, Paul averaged 13.9 points, 8.9 assists and 44.0% field goal this season, the lowest season of his career. Also, Paul, who missed a lot of games during the regular season due to an injury, suffered a groin injury during the second round and was unable to play from the third game. It is Paul who failed to acquire the championship ring he desperately wanted this season as well. 

Paul has two years left on his $30.8 million annual contract. Only $15.8 million was guaranteed in his annual salary. Phoenix could release him before June 29 and pay him only his guaranteed salary. But even if he releases Paul, it’s not easy to get a better guard resource than that. There is a high possibility of using him as a trade card to reinforce power. 

ESPN said, “Phoenix is ​​expected to explore what it could gain if they traded him before making a decision on Chris Paul’s contract.”

Ayton, who has been talked about a lot since the extension contract negotiations. Ayton, who has already been named in numerous trade rumors, also seems to be a target for Phoenix’s reorganization. 

ESPN said, “Deandre Ayton will be excited about a fresh start with another franchise. Phoenix is ​​expected to trade aggressively for him this summer. Several teams in the league will be interested in Ayton. thing,” he said.

Phoenix is ​​also in an unclear situation for manager Monty Williams, who has faced a lot of criticism. With what composition will Phoenix, who will be having a noisy summer, greet the next season?

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