Monday, 29th May 2023

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Choi Won-hyeok’s declaration of war, “It’s more fun to block Lee Jae-do”

 “It’s fun to block other players, but it’s more fun to block Lee Jae-do메이저놀이터.”

On the 14th, the Changwon Gymnasium where the first leg of the semi-final playoff between Seoul SK and Changwon LG was held. One of the factors determining the direction of this series is Lee Jae-do’s performance.

Lee Jae-do scored an average of 12.2 points in the regular league match against SK. He averaged a little less than 13.4 before the season. However, his 3-point shooting percentage dropped to 19.0% (4/21). He made two 3-pointers in each of the two games.

In SK, Lee Jae-do’s defenders include Choi Won-hyuk and Oh Jae-hyun, who are juniors from Hanyang University.

Choi Won-hyuk, who we met ahead of the match, said, “Lee Jae-do has me, Oh Jae-hyun, and Choi Seong-won in defense. I think I will do it first this time,” he said. It’s hard to block him because he’s so good, but since he blocks as much as he knows, he seems to score less (scored in a match with SK) than in other games.”

When Lee Jae-do’s 3-point shot success rate was said to be the lowest in the game against SK, Choi Won-hyeok said, “There is a step I like when shooting a 3-point shot, and I have a good attitude. “If you don’t let that motion come out, the success rate will drop. He is good at No Mark, so he tends to avoid giving No Mark opportunities as much as possible. That’s why Jaedo hyung seems to have difficulty shooting 3-pointers.”

Choi Won-hyeok visited the LG bench before the game and had a chat with Lee Jae-do.

When asked what they were talking about, Choi Won-hyeok said, “I thought it was too much for the shooting jersey to be yellow.” He said that we would win and come back to Changwon, and that we would kill him (laughs). Jaedo hyung also smiles and passes it over because I do this every year. It’s so much fun. Blocking other players is fun, but blocking Jae-do is especially fun.”

Choi Won-hyeok also slightly revealed Lee Jae-do’s usual appearance, which is not revealed in official places.

Choi Won-hyuk said, “That hyung’s life is the bottom meal. He lays the groundbath. Even when I was in college, when I was running, if I told him to come in on time, the margin of error for Jae-Dohyeong was less than 0.5 seconds. He doesn’t run more or run less unconditionally,” he said. “Everything is planned and that much thorough. Knowing that, going and talking about it and shaking it is trying to lower the condition.”

If Lee Jae-do is blocked, SK will be more likely to win.

Choi Won-hyuk said, “Any team will think that way. Right now there is no player Marey, but if you block Marey and Jae Do hyung, the win rate will go up. Jaedo hyung plays a big role in the team that much,” he said. Because Jaehyun and I have different defense styles, Jaedo must have a hard time. One guy follows closely, and Jaehyun has long arms, so he blocks or snatches them well.”

Choi Won-hyuk said, “We have a really good flow. From the 6th round until the championship game, I want to go on a winning streak and win quickly.”

Lee Jae-do only scored 4 points (5 assists and 2 steals) in the first game. He only made 1 out of 7 field goals. SK won 73-68.

I wonder if Choi Won-hyuk will tie up Lee Jae-do once more in the second game, or whether Lee Jae-do will find a solution.

The second game will be held at the same place on the 16th at 6pm.

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