Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Choi Jeong-ae, mother of Jeon Woo-won, “My son is extremely stressed because of Park Sang-ah”

Jeon Woo-won, the grandson of the late actor Jeon Doo-hwan안전놀이터, had his shares seized by his stepmother, Park Sang-ah, and his biological mother posted and then deleted a post asking for help.

Choi Jeong-ae, Jeon Woo-won’s biological mother, recently posted on Facebook that her son was under stress due to Park’s application to seize 482.32 million won in shares of Wear Valley. The post, which has since been deleted, has been shared on several online communities.

“Everyone, please help my son, Jeon Woo-won, me and Woo-won are helpless and need your help,” Choi began the post.

“Mr. Park Sang-ah is suing Woo-won to repay 480 million won, and Woo-won is crying, saying, ‘If I had died last time, I wouldn’t have had to stress over this,'” Choi wrote, sharing his heartbreak.

“In the name of our children, Mr. Jae Yong Jae had bought unlisted shares of Mr. Son Sam-soo’s company Wear Valley, who was the secretary of their grandfather, and in 2019, Mr. Jae Yong Jae forced me to sign a contract to transfer the shares to Ms. Park Sang-ah because he had no living expenses,” she claimed.

“At the time of the stock transfer (agreement), in order to save on gift taxes, he made her stamp the documents with a false claim that she was repaying the loan he had given her for her children’s school fees,” he added.

“I want to write a document for (Woowon) to take all these shares, but I’m too afraid that even after I do, they will use it against me and ask me to pay another 480 million won or cause secondary damage,” Choi said, asking, “How can Woowon resolve this matter well without suffering any further damage?” and seeking advice on hiring a lawyer.

Jeon Woo-won, grandson of former President Chun Doo-hwan, attends a resurrection festival to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the May 18 Uprising in Geumnam-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju, on the afternoon of May 27, and apologizes to the May Day spirit and citizens. Yonhap

“Woo Won’s wounds started when he was in elementary school, which was too much for him to handle at such a young age,” he said. “Jae Yong-jae and Park Sang-ah told him to quit school because they couldn’t pay his tuition from the second semester of his first year at university, and then they made him depressed and made him a bad credit risk, causing him to suffer for a long time. She also claimed that Woo Won tried to make extreme choices several times.”

Chief Judge Park In-sung of the Seoul Western District Court’s Civil Division 51 recently granted a motion for seizure of Wear Valley shares worth about 482.32 million won that Mr. Park filed against Mr. Woo-won on March 10.

As a result, Mr. Jeon cannot arbitrarily sell or dispose of his Wear Valley shares. If the case goes to court, it could be a mother-daughter battle over the shares.

Wear Valley is an IT company founded in 2001 by Jeon Jae-yong, the second son of the former president and father of Jeon Woo-won, and has been accused of being a conduit for the Jeon family’s money. In 2013, the prosecution’s “Jeon Doo-hwan Family Unpaid Collections” special recovery team recovered 550 million won in the former president’s hush money from Mr. Son Sam-soo, a trustee of the funds and CEO of Wear Valley.

Mr. Son was Wear Valley’s largest shareholder at the time (49.53%), and Mr. Jae-yong’s two sons, Jeon Woo-won and Woo Sung, held a 7% stake each.

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