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Changing the arrangement of defender Perisic… Son Heung-min flew

” ) posted this same phrase along with a photo. Son Heung-min started and scored two goals in the FA Cup round of 32 against Preston North End FC of the championship (2nd division) held at Deepdale Stadium in Preston, England that day. In the 5th minute of the second half, when the score was tight at 0-0, he scored a goal with his left foot kick, his 먹튀검증 main skill, from behind the penalty arc, and in the 24th minute of the second half, he beat the defender in front of the goal and scored an additional goal with his left foot.

It has been 108 days since Son Heung-min scored two goals in one game in October of last year in the UEFA Champions League home game against Frankfurt (Germany). The team also won 3-0 and headed to the round of 16 of the FA Cup.

Son Heung-min was facing the worst crisis after entering the EPL. He was so sluggish that it felt like last season, when he won the league’s top scorer, was a lie. Excluding the match against Preston, he scored only 6 goals in 26 matches, including league and cup competitions. The goal on this day was only 5 games since the league match against Crystal Palace on the 5th. After the game, Son Heung-min said, “I needed these goals to regain my confidence.” “As a striker, the most important thing is the goal. I am really happy.”

◇Creaking Son Heung-min-Perishi Son

Heung-min hardly took a break during the off-season, such as digesting all four A-matches full-time in June of last year. Even this season, he had a busy schedule, participating in all the World Cup games in Qatar despite breaking his facial bones. During the game, scenes of him frowning or gasping for breath from exhaustion are seen more often compared to last season, as if somewhere in his body was uncomfortable.

A bigger problem than that is coexistence with Ivan Perisic (34, Croatia), who newly joined this season. Perisic is good at attacking enough to be a side striker in the A national team, but in Tottenham, he plays as a left defender who needs to support Son Heung-min. However, even though Perisic is a defender, he actively attacks by using his organs. At this time, most of the vacated seats by Perisic are filled by Son Heung-min. The main reason for Son Heung-min’s sluggishness is that he has no time to attack because he is given a defensive mission in addition to his already exhausted stamina.

◇ ‘Saving Son Heung-min’ Clue The

day when Son Heung-min scored two goals was different. Tottenham manager Antonio Conte used an irregular tactic in this match, replacing the main scorer Harry Kane, who was in poor shape, by replacing Perisic as a central striker. Perisic focused on the attack, freely changing positions with Son Heung-min. As a left-sided defender, Ryan Sessegnon was put in to focus only on defense.

Then, Son Heung-min showed a bold appearance with two effective shots only in the first half, as if the shackles had been released, and scored a goal with a mid-range shot in the 5th minute of the second half. Heung-Min Son’s second goal was assisted by Perisic with a nice one-touch pass. It was their first joint goal this season. The two were once rumored to be discord, but when the goal was scored, they smiled broadly and hugged each other.

Regarding the irregular tactics, Son Heung-min said, “Perisic is a good player who can play in both offense and defense. After the match against Fulham (24th), he continued to practice this kind of tactic,” he explained. Tottenham head coach Christian Stellini also said, “Perisic had to play in an unfamiliar position. Without Kane, Son Heung-min was the only player who could actually score, but he did it in the end.”

◇Lee Jae-seong’s goal

Son Heung-min’s teammate Lee Jae-seong (31), who is playing for Mainz in the German Bundesliga, also scored a goal in the league home game against Bochum the day before, leading the team to a 5-2 victory. Lee Jae-seong, who started as a central midfielder, received a pass from Anthony Cassie 45 seconds after the start of the game and slightly changed direction to score a goal. It is the second consecutive game and the fourth goal this season. He also scored a goal in the 2nd minute against Dortmund, the previous match. The Mainz club expressed their joy on their official social media, saying, “Lee Jae-seong likes quick goals.”

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