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CEO Seo Young-gil voluntarily resigns… Youth ‘extreme choice’ responsibility

Seo Young-gil, CEO of Gimpo FC, took responsibility for the extreme selection of Team A of the youth team that occurred last year and stepped down as CEO.

CEO Seo Young-gil held a press conference at 5:10 pm on the 6th in the meeting room of the Gimpo Salter Soccer Field and said, “This situation is not anyone’s fault, but my fault as the CEO is the biggest.” ”he said.

CEO Seo said, “After the incident, if anyone was at fault, we said we would be punished severely, and we respectfully watched the investigation by the Sports Ethics Center and the police.” I think of it,” he said.

Regarding the background of renewing the contract with the manager and coach who were identified as the perpetrators after the incident occurred, “There is a rule in the foundation’s operation rules that punishment cannot be punished unless the crime is confirmed. Only when there is a result can we open the personnel committee and confirm it,” he explained.

“Instead, while renewing the contract, I said that if there was a crime, I would punish and send it off, and at the time, I heard from the Sports Ethics Center that there was no problem with the club, manager, and coach. I understand that he renewed the contract with the consent of the remaining parents and children.”

He said, “In the future, the crimes against the coaches and coaches will be covered by the courts.” Although the U-18 team was established according to the rules of the Korea Football Association, it is acknowledged that it was not sufficiently prepared. Please think of the leaders and youth who only look at football at this time. It’s no one else’s fault, but my fault as the CEO is the biggest.” 

Previously, Group A, a member of the Gimpo FC youth team, made an extreme choice in April of last year, leaving a will of 5 A4 sheets on a personal social network (SNS). The will contains claims that there were verbal abuse from leaders and harassment from colleagues.

The Sports Ethics Center said in January of this year, “At dawn on the day of death, the victim opened the names of a total of 10 people, including 2 youth team coaches, 6 players, and 2 soccer team players from middle school, through a mobile phone messenger and said, ‘I will curse these people even if they die. ‘, ‘I feel an extreme urge to discriminate and verbal abuse every time’,” he said, and decided to request disciplinary action.

However, the Gimpo FC club did not take personnel action against the leaders because there was no official notice from the club, and rather extended the contract, causing controversy. In the end, CEO Suh Byung-gil issued an apology last month, 11 months after the incident, and suspended the leaders. The previous day, four people, including the manager of the club team that Group A had been in during middle school, the director of the youth soccer team of Gimpo FC, and two coaches, were charged with child abuse under the Child Welfare Act.

The following is the statement and Q&A of CEO Seo Young-gil.

– Statement

“In relation to the death of a youth in April of last year, we confirmed some of the charges, including the coaches and coaches, on March 13 of last month through the complaint filed by the bereaved family for a temporary injunction to suspend business, and we immediately ordered the suspension of duties to the coaches and coaches. It was separated from the team through. On April 6th, the personnel committee decided to dismiss all 3 people, including 1 coach and 1 coach who submitted their resignations, and 1 coach who did not submit their resignations, and the effective date is April 7th.

At the time of this incident last year, I told the bereaved family and the media that if anyone was at fault, I would be punished severely, and I have been strictly watching the investigation by the Sports Ethics Center and the police, which have the authority to investigate. However, as the results of the investigation were delayed, I feel very sorry for the fact that I did not meet the expectations of the bereaved families, as I represent the club and have responsibility.

However, regarding the 2 coaches and 6 players mentioned in the national petition post at the time, no organizations such as our club, the Sports Ethics Center, or the police could directly confirm the fact of the assault. In addition, as soon as the accurate investigation results are confirmed, including six players involved in the abuse, we inform you that it was a situation where there was no choice but to postpone the disciplinary action of the coaches and the six players involved in the abuse. Until now, we have not officially received the results of the investigation by the Sports Ethics Center and the police on what kind of harm was done.

However, the reason why Gimpo FC made the dismissal decision regarding the acceptance of the manager’s resignation and the dismissal of the two coaches was because of the leaders’ pledge, which was annexed to the extension contract in August of last year, ‘In case of causing controversy in the operation of the youth soccer team, No. 6, Civil and Criminal Liability, etc. In the case of being subject to social criticism due to the problem, in case No. 8 and other cases deemed necessary by the general manager, a disciplinary committee was held with three issues, and it was decided to dismiss the coach and two coaches.

Regarding the 6 players who were involved in the school violence온라인카지노, they remained in the club after confirming ‘no suspicion’ according to the notice of action decision from the Gyeonggi-do Bucheon Office of Education, which was individually notified to the players on February 27 of this year.

It is not a judicial decision to make a decision like this in gimpo fc, but it is not a judicial decision, but it is due to the foundation operating regulations.

How can I dare to count the hearts of the bereaved families? However, I think that this case is not anyone else’s fault, but my fault as the CEO. When the foundation Gimpo FC was founded, the U-18 team was founded according to the Korea Football Association regulations, but it is acknowledged that there was a lack of sufficient preparation. This is why I sincerely apologize to the bereaved families.

Even at this time, I earnestly ask you to forgive my young friends and still young leaders who are working hard while only looking at soccer. I hope that all criticism and rebuke will be directed only to me. With the heart of apology, I will put down the representative director of gimpo fc. I sincerely apologize, hoping that my resignation will ease the hearts of the bereaved families a little bit. I sincerely wish for the soul of the deceased.”

– There is a report that the police investigation took close to a year.

“There was a national petition last year, and it became a more national issue than now. This is a very serious and careful matter. By August, I was notified that all procedures would be completed. I thought the investigation would be done quickly. We were in a waiting position, and we had no choice but to be cautious as it was related to school violence. I think the delay in the investigation is what the bereaved families are angry about. Personally, I thought, ‘The child died, how could the investigation be delayed like this? I said, ‘It’s too much.’”

– Are you in contact with the bereaved family after the incident?

“I called my father, but he didn’t answer the phone. He texted me too, but so far I haven’t gotten a phone call. It seems that the bereaved families did not intend to meet with us. So it seems that he is conveying his message through the city of Gimpo and the media.”

– Recently, another victim was reported.

“We can never do an investigation. I think it is a matter for judicial authorities to decide.”

– How was the report done after the incident occurred?

“On the day of the incident, after receiving a report from the officer in charge, we arrived at the scene and recovered the body. The funeral was held together, and the children returned home for two weeks. As much as there can be trauma, I rented a youth foundation accommodation for six months. I was able to overcome this situation through psychological counseling with eight psychological counseling therapists. I know that I, the CEO, received a general report on this situation, and the report on Gimpo City continued to be reported to the Department of Sports, the department in charge.”

– There is a lot of controversy in that you extended the contract with the perpetrators. Are there any relevant regulations?

“In August of last year, when I renewed the contract with the manager and coach, I spoke to the media several times. He thought that no matter how much he resigned, if he was guilty, he should be punished and sent away. That’s why I attached an annex to the contract. It was an expression of his will to take care of any problems and send them off. In August of last year, an employee contacted the Center for Sports Ethics and asked several times how far the investigation was conducted. The investigator in charge said, ‘I heard that there is no problem with Gimpo FC, and that there is no problem with the manager and coach. (Nam) I understand that the contract was renewed with the consent of the parents and children. There is a provision in the foundation’s operating rules that no punishment can be imposed in a situation where the crime has not been confirmed. Only when there is a result that the crime has been confirmed can we open the personnel committee and confirm it.

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