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Carrot Touching Drama’ Lee Jung-hyun is also great, but Kim Jin-yu is cooler

 Lee Jung-hyeon is also great, but Kim Jin-yu is even cooler.

Goyang Carrot continues an amazing playoff move. He is transforming from an ‘ugly duck’ on a basketball board to an ‘impression maker’.

Carrot won 89-75 in the second game of the semifinal playoff against Anyang KGC held on the 15th and balanced the series with a 1-1 record메이저사이트.

I thought it was not easy to pass the 6th round. After a bloody battle in the 5th game, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis came up. He tasted humiliation by losing the first game against KGC 43-99. I had to listen to the sarcasm of ‘If this is the case, why did you come up? However, with an unexpected victory in the second game, the crushing defeat in the first game rather became a ‘prelude to a reversal drama’. It is embarrassing for the second game, but coach Kim Seung-gi, who abandoned the first game, is evaluated as ‘magic’.

At the center of this is second-year guard Lee Jung-hyun. It is equivalent to the round of 6 playoffs. When I heard “Carrot is difficult” due to the complete defeat in Game 1, Jung-Hyun Lee in Game 2 suddenly jumped out. He scored 34 points in the second leg of the round of 6. Even in the match against KGC, he became a hero by adding 5 steals when it was important to 32 points. Carrot’s playoff this time is a pattern where Lee Jung-hyun wins if Carrot does well and loses if he struggles. It must be difficult, but you are still young. when the power is overflowing It is clear that the opponent is embarrassed if Lee Jung-hyun’s unexpected ‘crazy performance’ fails to control him.

It is an undeniable fact that Lee Jung-hyun is the protagonist of Carrot Reversal. However, without the ‘Scene Stealer’ supporting actors, Lee Jung-hyun’s performance would have been buried.

Among them, the player who stands out the most is ‘Fighter Guard’ Kim Jin-yu. Kim Jin-yu meets coach Kim and is living a new basketball life. After her debut in the 2016-2017 season, she was a thorough backup, with only one season in her second year where she played more than 10 minutes on average. However, this season, she played a whopping 17 minutes and 52 seconds in 41 games. His average score is only 2.4 points, but a whopping 4 rebounds for a guard under 1m90 tall.

Kim Jin-yu’s performance cannot be explained by indicators. He is in charge of the dirty work that changes the atmosphere of the game, such as strong pressure from the front line and running rebounds that neutralize the opposing centers. Giving himself for his team. When it hurts enough, he jumps up from the court and shouts “fighting”. Even in the second game against KGC, he brought the atmosphere of the game to Carrot with his hustle play.

Director Kim created a star named Moon Seong-gon while coaching KGC. She made a spectacular debut with the first overall pick in the draft, but was struggling to adjust to the pros. Manager Kim presented a new path to defense and rebounding to Moon Seong-gon. Moon Seong-gon has grown into the best defensive forward in the league following the legacy of Yang Hee-jong. If there were brilliant players such as Oh Se-geun, Lee Jung-hyun, and Byun Jun-hyeong, coach Kim and KGC would not have won. The balance of the team was right because Moon Seong-gon took care of the dirty work. In Carrot, that role is played by Kim Jin-yu. A team needs this type of player to go to championships.

Not only Kim Jin-yu, but foreign player Didric Lawson’s dedication should also be applauded. The salary is also delayed due to team circumstances. It is a difficult situation for foreign players to accept. Still grit your teeth and run. The appearance of veteran Kim Gang-sun and Han Ho-bin, who hold the center of the team, and Park Jin-cheol, who makes a surprise performance in the midst of expected inferiority at the bottom of the goal, are also worth noting.

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