Thursday, 28th September 2023

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‘Captain Hustle’ Kim Jin-yu, will next season be Kim Seung-gi’s man?

The new club, Goyang Sono Skygunners, is one of the teams that are receiving the most attention ahead of the next season. There are many things to be desired in terms of power, but many fans are looking forward to the unique archery basketball blast, as coach Kim Seung-gi and most of the members who advanced to the playoffs last season are still there.

It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t catch foreign player Didric Lawson (25‧201cm) due to various circumstances, but the combination of Jarrod Jones (33‧206cm) with KBL experience and Anthony Bennett (30‧203cm) from the NBA’s first overall ranking is also sufficiently competitive. Hope you can take it. As an Asian quarter player, Josh Toralba (30‧188cm) of Filipino nationality was recruited.

Sono’s most powerful weapons are by far the 1st and 2nd lines of Lee Jeong-hyeon (24‧187cm) and Jeon Seong-hyeon (32‧188.6cm). Jeon Seong-hyun is arguably the best 3-point shooter in the KBL, and Lee Jung-hyun, who is in his 3rd year as a pro, is a strong candidate to compete as a dual guard representing the league along with Kim Seon-hyung and Heo Hoon. The experience of veterans Kim Kang-sun (37‧190cm) and Han Ho-bin (32‧180cm) is also a key depth the team believes in.

In addition, there is an indispensable power, so it is none other than Kim Jin-yu (29‧188cm), who is called ‘a man like salt’ within the team. In the regular league last season, he played 17 minutes and 52 seconds per game, averaging 2.37 points, 1.15 assists, 4.02 rebounds and 1 steal. done.

Looking at the grades alone, some may tilt their heads, but it is proof that their contributions have been recognized. A team like Sono, who is low in height and plays archery basketball, needs a style like Kim Jin-yu. It’s a pity that she is simply a defender with a good amount of activity. She would fit a hustle player who jumps hard, defends desperately, and is good at dirty work.

These days, in basketball, the word ‘BQ (Basket IQ)’ is often used. There are relatively high and low players in the sense of comprehensively encompassing the completeness of play, strategic understanding, instant judgment, and sense. In the case of Kim Jin-yu, I heard a lot of low voices. However, in some ways, he himself may be a little unfair.

Most of Kim Jin-yu’s BQ points came when he was a point guard. He’s big as a No. 1, but mediocre as a No. 2, and on top of that, he’s not good at outside shooting, so he often plays as a point guard in line with the team’s circumstances. However, the number 1 did not fit him, who mainly played as a shooting guard until his college days.

He was unfamiliar with the fact that he led the reading and passing games. He wasn’t a starting player, so he didn’t have much time. The worse his play was, the more his heart raced. Because he had to show something for a short time. Considering that it was a position that required cool-headedness, he was a vicious cycle.

As his mistakes increased, criticisms such as ‘no sense’ and ‘low BQ’ poured out. In the end, as his few opportunities diminished, Kim Jin-yu’s name was also forgotten. ‘Musa sacrifices his life for those who know him,’ he said. To Kim Jin-yu, director Kim was such a person. Director Kim gave Kim Jin-yu a role so that he could focus on the nasty things he was good at rather than entrusting him with the awkward number one.

As a result, Kim Jin-yu has been reborn as a defender coveted by other teams. From the front line, he marked the opponent’s guards like a stickler, and depending on the situation, he was also in charge of defending forwards larger than himself. He had a lot of activity and was good at moving without the ball, so he didn’t lose sight of the ball wherever there was a ball, and when he needed it, he threw his body without hesitation.스포츠토토

It is evaluated that the ability to grasp the point of falling ball and read the flow of the game is also good. This is why he excelled in rebounding, especially in offensive rebounding. At this point, it is necessary to reconsider the criticism that BQ is low. I wonder if the situation in which I wore clothes that didn’t fit made the embers of regret even bigger. In addition, it helps us to know that the concept of BQ can change depending on what role you play. It is because Kim Jin-yu in the role he is currently in charge of plays with a high BQ.

Last season, coach Kim gave Kim Jin-yu, who was criticized for being a player with limitations, the most playing time after her debut, and definitely pushed her. This is the reason why the phrase ‘I am Kim Seung-gi’s man’ came out. Kim Jin-yu also reciprocated her trust by taking her personal career high. Considering that momentum is one of the most important factors in a player’s staffing up, she is expected to perform well next season as well.

Will Kim Jin-yu, who has shaken off her self-confidence and regained her confidence, be able to level up her next season as well? What is clear is that the greater his activity, the more active his sono will be.

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