Saturday, 25th March 2023

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Busan I’Park held an orientation for first- and second-year rookie players

On the 4th (Wed), Busan I-Park held an orientation for new players in their 1st and 2nd years.

Busan invited Best Eleven reporter Kim Tae-seok and Dale Carnegie Korea expert professor Yang Won-seon to train coaching/support staff and new players, respectively.  토토

Reporter Kim Tae-seok gave a lecture on media and broadcast interviews that rookie players will face while playing in the professional world. We had a good time explaining the points to be aware of when conducting interviews, types and examples of interviews, instilling confidence in new players who are still unfamiliar with public appearances, and suggesting methods.

Professor Wonsun Yang’s lecture, which was followed by coaching and support staff, had time to explain 7 habits that make the best organization with the theme of leadership that helps organizations move in a better direction. In addition, a lecture was given to new players on the subject of setting and achieving vision and action goals.

It was a valuable time to set a vision, develop courage for oneself, and inspire confidence to move forward with passion to achieve goals.

It is rumored that coaching, support staff, and new players all actively participated in the colorful lectures, including interim discussions and presentations.

Coach Gwanghee Choi, who participated in the training, said, “This training was a time to look back on the coaching process so far. It was good to be able to clearly define what I vaguely felt and thought.”

Defender Choi Ye-hoon, who will be in his second year as a professional this year, said, “I was worried that it would be a little boring at first because it was a 3-hour training, but after listening to the training, it was a really meaningful and precious 3 hours. I was able to ask myself good questions, and I started this year. It was an education that allowed me to set a good direction.”

Meanwhile, Busan I-Park plans to establish a new B team in the 2023 season to participate in the K4 League, and through this, plan to develop and nurture young players.