Thursday, 28th September 2023

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BJ Imvely’s state of ‘extreme choice’… “2 cardiac arrests, no consciousness”

It is said that the current condition of African BJ

Imvely (real name Lim Ji-hye) , a former racing model, who wrote a will and attempted an extreme choice during live broadcasting, is in critical condition. On the 13th, her YouTuber Crown Prince Resurrection announced on her YouTube channel, “I will accept any punishment sweetly,” and “I am writing this with a feeling that my hands are still shaking and I am choking.” He said메이저사이트, “I met her father, Ji-hye’s older sister, at the hospital on the 11th. He was told by his father that ‘He had two cardiac arrests and is currently unconscious’. After that, her heart was hard and nothing was caught. Just before the 13th, she was told, ‘Tomorrow is the hump,’” she wrote. YouTuber Crown Prince Resurrection is a YouTuber active in Bucheon City who usually broadcasts with Imvely as a crew called ‘Bucheon Union’, but fell apart when Imvely left the crew on the 6th. On the other hand, on the 11th, Imvely went back to her house alone after having a fight with Gamgam Yeowool during a drinking party broadcast with YouTubers Gat Seongeun and Gamgam Yeowool. Afterwards, Imvely broadcast live from the evening of the 11th to the early morning of the 12th, and while lamenting about her situation, she said, “It’s hard to hold on anymore,” to her two daughters, “Dear daughters, I’m sorry for being a shameful mother, you guys did nothing wrong, so feel guilty.” hope you don’t have I promise I will always be by your side, even if you can’t see her,” she wrote a suicide note and then disappeared off camera.

After about 20 minutes, the 119 paramedics appeared and urgently said, “Bring the scissors,” suggesting that they had made an extreme choice.

※If you have troubles that are hard to talk about, such as depression, or if you have family or acquaintances who are experiencing these difficulties, call the suicide prevention hotline ☎1393, mental health hotline ☎1577-0199, hope hotline ☎129, life hotline ☎1588-9191, You can receive expert counseling 24 hours a day at the Youth Hotline ☎1388.

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