Thursday, 28th September 2023

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‘Best stamina! Great order! Lee Kang-in fans can’t beat anyone’ Spanish media spotlights Mallorca’s intuitive fans

“There is no one who can beat such a fan.”

Lee Kang-in’s team, Real Mallorca, highlighted the passionate love of Lee Kang-in from Korean fans who lined up in front of the training ground and stadium every day.메이저사이트

On the 18th (Korean time), the Real Mallorca club posted a 49-second short-form video of Lee Kang-in taking pictures with fans lined up after the team training session and signing the uniform and national flag on the official SNS account. I put one line, ‘Lee Kang-in mania’.

Following this, Spain’s leading media, Estadio Deportivo, made a special mention of this unusual sight. It was titled ‘Mallorca faces a new problem related to Lee Kang-in’.

‘The fans of this Korean player are getting more and more, and now the club doesn’t know how to deal with them. These fans show up at training sessions and line up behind the door.’ ‘Lee Kang-in is serving as a reference point for Mallorca’s attack with Muriki this season, and he is firmly establishing his position in La Liga as one of the stars attracting the attention of big European clubs,’ he introduced. ‘The Asian midfielder, who made his debut for Valencia seven seasons ago, has a lot of fans for his outstanding performance. His bold dribbling breakthrough has earned him numerous followers both on social media and on and off the field, and now it is common to see long lines of Asian fans waiting to see Mallorca’s No. 19 Lee Kang-in at the gates of the Mallorca Sports Complex.

The media said, “Even on a day when training was closed like yesterday, the club had to tell the player to go out and meet the fans, and the player happily agreed.” Some of the fans have traveled more than 10,000 kilometers to see their new idol. because,’ he added.

“Director Aguirre’s training session on this day lasted more than two hours, and the fans waited for Lee Kang-in for over two hours,” he said, “no one can beat these fans in terms of physical strength and order.” The dignified appearance of the fans waiting for Lee Kang-in was highlighted.

It also introduced the uniform sales reported by the Spanish daily Marca. ‘Lee Kang-in’s uniform sales this season were more than tripled. Due to the huge demand from fans who want to buy on-site as well as in Korea, the club store always suffers from a shortage of stock.”

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