Wednesday, 29th March 2023

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Barcelona ‘surprise’ decision… Japan’s Kubo blitz re-recruitment ’83 billion won’

Barcelona is pushing for the re-recruitment of Japanese prospect Takefusa Kubo (21, Real Sociedad).온라인바카라 Coach Xavi Hernandez was encouraged by Kubo’s performance and is interested in recruiting him. However, the key is the 60 million euro buyout.

On the 19th, Nikkan Sports, a Japanese newspaper, quoted a report from Spain’s ‘As’ and said, “Barcelona is interested in signing Gubo. Barcelona coach Xavi is interested in Kubo and wants to recruit him. We are checking,” he said.

The reason why Barcelona is interested in Gubo is ‘Barcelona DNA’. Gubo joined the Barcelona youth team in 2011 to prepare for his professional stage. He was evaluated as the best talent along with Lee Kang-in, who was in the Valencia youth team at the time.

However, he returned to the J-League in 2015 due to Barcelona’s FIFA ban. He gained experience playing for FC Tokyo and Yokohama Mariners before joining Real Madrid Castilla in 2019. Since then, he has been proving his competitiveness on the Primera Liga stage.

Last summer, he made a full transfer to Real Sociedad and played in 25 matches, including cup competitions. He played a key role and showed his presence.

There are contract conditions at the time of the transfer to Real Sociedad. In the buyout of 60 million euros (approximately 83.4 billion won), there is a clause to negotiate first if Real Madrid wants it. For example, if a team offers a transfer fee of 8 million euros, Real Madrid can take Gubo if Real Madrid offers the same 8 million euros.

If Real Sociedad sells Gubo to another team, Real Madrid will receive 50% of the transfer fee difference. If Kubo leaves Real Sociedad for 8 million euros, it is a condition that Real Madrid take 50% of the 1.5 million euros minus the 2022 transfer fee (6.5 million euros).

‘Nikkan Sports’ announced, “If Barcelona really wants to sign Kubo, the quickest way is to pay 60 million euros for a buyout and enter into personal negotiations with Kubo.” If Barcelona pay 60 million euros, Real Madrid will not be able to snatch it.

However, the key is whether to pay Gubo 60 million euros prematurely. 60 million euros is a lot of money outside of a Premier League team. If Barcelona pay for Gubo’s buyout, it will be one of the shocking transfers of the summer.

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