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Bad Guy’ Lee Jun-young “Welcome to provocation at any time, I will put anyone to sleep”

 “I am receiving undeserved love from the fans, and as a champion, I will repay you with good performance.” ‘ Bad Guy’ Lee Jun- young ,

the first flyweight champion of the domestic mixed martial arts group ‘Black Combat’ “I don’t run away from the game or take off blows, but it’s a style of fighting hotly,” he said. Recently, in the first flyweight title match of ‘Black Combat 06 The Final Checkmate’, Lee defeated Kim “Viper” Seong-woong (28, Gunpo Bon Jiu-Jitsu), the No. However, in this game, he expressed regret for not being able to show 100% of his ‘special skill’, the blow that fans expect. It must be so. He won four KOs out of six amateur MMA fights, and even after his professional debut (5 wins, 1 loss), he showed most of his striking KO victories. Even among the total of 15 amateur (including kickboxing) matches and 6 professional matches, there is only one loss each. Player Lee said, “Viper (Kim Seong-woong) has planned the match better than I thought, and my punch was strong, so I couldn’t show the blow because Viper didn’t let go of the counterfire.” It was difficult,” he recalled. During the match, he came out with a grappling strategy when his main skill, hitting, did not work.

This player said, “Because Viper is good at knee kicks and kicks through the cheek clinch, it was difficult to finish with a blow. “he said.

At the same time, he said, “I have experience in extended games in the past, so I think the main thing was to hold on to my mentality and try to win카지노사이트.”

As he said, the effective hits between the two players were similar, but this player showed a bit more advantage on the ground, and won by extra decision by a narrow margin. Even before the match, the two players drew attention with their special skill, ‘Trash Talking’, and received a standing ovation from the fans for showing their best in the match.

This player said, “I deliberately provoked Viper a lot before and during the game.

He emphasized that he would make more use of his strengths and make up for his weaknesses to keep the championship belt. Lee explained, “My strong point is, of course, hitting, but my downside is also hitting.”

Now that he has won the championship belt by beating Kim, who is the number 1 player in the same weight class and his biggest rival, he also revealed plans for defending the championship against other players. He also issued warnings to other players.

“I will work hard and improve to become an overwhelming champion and show a better performance next time,” Lee emphasized.

Regarding Son Ji-hoon (30, Savage Squad), the only ‘wrestling genius’ who beat Kim, he said, “Maybe because he fought with a player from the national wrestling team before his professional debut, Son, a wrestler, is not burdened at all.” How can Sohn, who lost 1, be able to fight for the title right away? Wrestlers are prey,” he said with confidence. He then warned, “If players provoke me with a blow, I always welcome it without subtracting it, so try provoking it with a blow.”

Regarding his future goals, Lee said, “In the past, an offer came from ‘One Championship,’ Asia’s largest martial arts organization, but I did not advance to Korea to show my skills first.” I will challenge major tournaments,” he said.

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