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Bad face group with Cancelo”… Foden lost his identity after the World Cup

Manchester City’s treasure, Phil Foden, is losing his identity.

Sam Lee, who is active in England’s’The Athletic’ and reports Man City news, reported that “Foden, along with Joao Cancelo, was one of the members of the ‘bad face group’ within Man City after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.”

He continued, 바카라“There is a bit of an identity crisis going on. Foden’s role has been ineffective this season. There are things that need to be improved tactically throughout the team this season.”

Foden is a former Manchester City youth and is considered one of the best prospects. Coach Pep Guardiola recognized Foden’s potential and actively utilized it by raising him to the first team from the 2017-18 season.

Foden has become an axis of Manchester City’s attack. Combining excellent dribbling, strong shooting ability and high soccer intelligence, Foden showed off his definite talent in the English Premier League (EPL). He is a resource that has helped Manchester City win league titles in recent years.

But this season is a bit of a crisis. It is an atmosphere to get out of competition with top players such as Elling Holland, Jack Grealish, Bernardo Silva, and Kevin the Bruiner. Recently, as coach Pep pursues tactical changes, young Foden is not easily able to follow and feels out of place. In the last league game against Nottingham Forest, even a simple pass with Holland showed a clumsy breathing that caused a miss.

The media said that after the World Cup, there were players who had a conflict with Pep. The representative of the two is Cancellu. Cancelo recently had a feud with manager Pep. After the World Cup in Qatar, he was gradually being left out of the starting list. In the end, Cancelo expressed his dissatisfaction with Guardiola, and Cancelo, who could no longer play for Manchester City, moved to Bayern Munich.

For the rest of the season, the key is whether Foden quickly melts into Pep’s tactics. “It will be interesting to see how Foden finishes the season and if City can find more fluidity in general,” the media said.

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