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At the age of 35, his first transfer, ‘No. 27’ Kwang-min Ko, tearful farewell, “I was happy, I was grateful… I’m sorry”

Tears welled up in the eyes of Kwang-Min Ko (35), a “one-club man” leaving FC Seoul.

On the 18th, Ko Kwang-min, 슬롯사이트who left Seoul and officially transferred to Malaysian Sabah FC, said through the Seoul club’s YouTube, “I was a lacking player. I feel so honored and proud that I have played as a player for such a long time in a team called Seoul.” , I feel very sorry and grateful to the fans who supported me. I think ‘I was a very happy player'”, leaving a tearful farewell message.

Goh Gwang-min, who joined Seoul in 2011 after attending Dongdaebu Middle and High School and Ajou University, played only in Seoul until last year except for his military service. Participated in 246 games (8 goals, 16 assists), which is the 10th most appearances in Seoul club history, won the K-League in 2012 and 2016, runner-up in the Asian Champions League in 2013, and won the FA Cup in 2015. did. He didn’t cover both sides, and he threw himself at every turn.

Koh Kwang-min, who had fewer opportunities to play in the aftermath of injuries in the last two seasons, planned to ignite his last spark by signing an extension contract this year. He even said to himself, “I prepared it with the thought that it was the last time.” Ko Kwang-min, who showed good physical condition at the Thailand training ground, received an offer during a friendly match against Sabah FC, and decided to accept a new challenge.

Ko Kwang-min said, “The offer came unexpectedly, and from that moment on, I thought a lot. As a soccer player, I had a desire to transfer. The most important thing is my family… so I decided I wanted to go.” It is said that the club and Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo allowed the unplanned transfer of Koh Kwang-min at the level of a great win.

“When I first joined, my goal was to somehow work out with my great brothers and play in one game,” said Ko Gwang-min, who said that 2016 was the most memorable season. He said, “2016 was an unforgettable year. Everyone was full of confidence. I didn’t think about losing. I didn’t even think about becoming a national team member, but a good opportunity came by chance and I experienced it. It was a year,” he looked back.

After saying goodbye to the team in Kagoshima, Japan on the 14th, Kwang-Min Ko, who left for Malaysia, said, “This is not the end. I can come back someday.”

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